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How To Configure Ipb Portal

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Hiya ppl :unsure:
Im the owner of an IPB site much like this one, and i was wondering, how do you make it so it displays certain posts, like the portal for this forum?
ATM it just looks like this, no posts at all, u can only see the calendar and the rest of the left-hand sidebars

(im on low creds atm, so if it doesnt show up check again in an hour or so, should have made enough posts by then :( )

can any1 help?
Much obliged 2 any1 who posts here :D

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In your ACP panel your have a section for the portal to be configured with all the stuff you want, since I haven't touch the ACP panel in a very long time, I believe this is the trail to set up your portal ACP > Portal > Portal Configuration. There you can set up what you want to display including posts, topics and other stuff. But Like I mention this is coming from memory since it has been awhile since I looked into a board, so those with IPB board can help you better then I, but I think I am close as to where you have to go.

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