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Albus Dumbledore

Order Of The Phoenix International Trailer

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a while back the Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix international trailer came out check it out in .mov form on my site im putting this in the movie section because in the video clip section it says that would qualify for ebaums world, and this wouldn't. and besides, it's about a movie.



Large - Medium - Small


Here's what happened in text form >_<

Full Script of the International Trailer for Order of the Pheonix


Zooms in quickly on the front of the Hogwarts Expres


Hagrid: Strange ya know there


Harry and Dudley Standing in the park looking up into the sky


Hagrid: theres a storm coming harry


Dementors Enter the Ally Where harry and dudley were


Hagrid: Just like last time


Flashes of many different scenes


Harry Sleeping and woken by the voice


Mysterious Voice (Voldemonrt?): Harry


Dumbledores Army On the Terestrals around Hogwarts


Fudge: The ministry of magic wishes to make an announcement. Delourus Umbridge as High inquisitor will address the following standards at Hogwarts school


Umbridge walking through Hogwarts with that ugly smirk on her face casting spells to separate kissers, or tighten ties.


Ron Laughing in Potions class


Umbridge in front of McGonogal Saying:


Umbridge: Things at hogwarts are far worse than i feared!


Snape hitting Ron with a book and harry laughing


Fred and George flying through the great hall throwing paper everywhere


Kids running outside and fireworks going off


Umbridge: Enough!


Hammer hitting a stake into a stone wall


Hermione: Harry, you'll be strong


Harry walking on platform 9 3/4 walking towards a figure that is Voldemort


Hammer hitting a stake into a stone wall


Trio running down the hillside of Hogwarts


DADA Class


Umbridge: You've been told that a certain dark Wizard is at large once again


Mysterious Voice: Harry


Umbridge: This is a lie....


Harry: Its not a lie i saw it!


Hammer driving a stake into the stone wall


In the hearing for harry Dumbledore: Minister, the dark lords return is incontrovertible


Fudge: He's Not back!


Fudge hammering the stake into the stone wall above the great hall then putting a certificate on it saying another educational decree


Fudge: Delerous Umbridge has replaces Albus Dumbledore as Head of Hogwarts


Harry slams his fists against the walls of his room


Umbridge: Ugly Laugh


trio in the forest looking at gwarp


Ron: Blimey


Shot of azkaban with dementors all around it


Death Eater Girl: The Dark Lord Approaches


Dumbledore: He wants to build up his army


Harry and Hermione running from centears in the forst


harry talking presumably in grimmauld place


Harry: If voldemorts building up an army, then i want to fight!


harry Punching the wall


education decree's being blown to peices


Sirius: It's your turn


DA flying through london


Announcer: This Year


Ron in the Gryffindor common room


Ron: We forming some sort of wizard Army?


DA in their meetings


Harry: if they can do it, why not us?!


Picture of fudge in the ministry and harry walking underneath it


Announcer; Tyranny will rise


Umbridge: I Will have Order!


People walking in the ministry


Announcer: and the rebellion


DA Flying through London again


Hagrid in the forest


Hagrid: The minister's gunna' have a full uprising on their hands


DA flying through London


Announcer: Will begin


picture of Hogwarts with snow all over it and DA walking across the bridge


Hermione: a little bit exciting isn't it, breaking the rules?


Ron: Who are you and what have you done with Hermione granger?


Dumbledore in his office making a distraction


Birds or the paper notes flying through the ministry of magic




Announcer: From warner brothers pictures


harry with his wand up at the Dementors


Dumbledore in his office


Dumbledore: Don't fight him harry, you cant win.


death eater in the ministry


DA running through the ministry from the death eaters


Voldemort casting the killing curse


Harry: Look At Me!!


Centear being shot


harry and Hermione hugging


Voldmort from GoF


fireworks going off


Neville being thrown backward


Voldemort in the ministry bending over harry


Voldemort: You will Loose..... Everything!


Umbridge and Flitch saying detention


fireworks going off


Remus holding harry back for some reason


down a long hall with a flash of green and red light


harry and Sirius fighting death eaters


Dumbedore casting a spell


harry and Cho kissing


fireball, probably Sumbledores detraction


harry in ministry of magic


Harry: Expellearmus


Spell hitting Voldemort


Voldemort: (Screams)


Announcer: Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix

Edited by Albus Dumbledore (see edit history)

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Yeah. I can't wait to see the new Harry Potter adventure.I was first turned off by the first two Potter films (2001's The Sorcerer's Stone, 2002's The Chamber of Secrets), 2004's The Prisoner of Azkabhan is a little respectable, but the turning point is 2005's Goblet of Fire. Since the films now has a PG-13 rating (hopefully it will be the same of Order of the Phoenix), the films get darker and more interesting. The appearance of Ralph Finnes as the dark lord Veldemont is a refreshing addition to the series and will make this installment more challenging. It's great to see Gary Oldman back as Sirious Black, Potter's uncle. He's good as Black as he is as James Gordon in the new Batman film series. The three main actors who play the series' three leads, hopefully will mature and grow as their characters are. And I hope there will be more drama and suspense in this chapter.Overall, I can't wait to see Order of the Phoenix.

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