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tamer hosny

The Whole Discography 4 The Egyptian King Of Singers Tamer Hosny ::::: The King Of Generation

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Hi Great Members
I\'m A Moderator In The Official Web Sit 4 The Egyptian King OF youth Singers, Tamer Hosny
I\'d Like U To Listen To His Music & Songs
And Tell Me Your Opinion
Soon, I\'ll Post The Translations 4 His Lyrics & All His Video Clips

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Replying to tamer hosnyhello TAMER,assalam o alaikum.I'm a great fan of urs,a blind fan actually.I'm not arab,I don't even know arabic language at all.But still I listen to your songs with great interest.I collect the lyrics of your songs from internet,then I translate them using goole or yahoo dictionary.I love your voice.I don't like you coz you sing well,but I listen to your songz only coz I LOVE you.I know I'm mad girl and my wordz will never reach to you.You'll never know that a girl lives in bangladesh,far away from egypt,but still loves you just as a person,not bcoz your a singer or actor.But miracle happens.If ALLAH nakes such miracle and you ever read these words of mine,that'd be the meaning of my life,like my dream comes true.Will this dream of mine ever come true TAMER???SANNA LOVES you A LOT.I LOVE you TAMER.Bye.Allah hafiz.Sanna-reply by sanna hosny

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