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Hey everyone the NFL Draft is going on right now and here is the place to discuss it! I will post up the new pick every time it is drafted (until I have to go). And we can also discuss the draft here! Start the talk!


1 1 Oakland |Russell, JaMarcus QB

2 2 Detroit |Johnson, Calvin WR

3 3 Cleveland |Thomas, Joe OT

4 4 Tampa Bay |Adams, Gaines DE

5 5 Arizona |Brown, Levi OT e

6 6 Washington |Landry, LaRon FS

7 7 Minnesota |Peterson, Adrian

8 8 Atlanta (from Houston) |Anderson, Jamaal DE

9 9 Miami |Ginn Jr., Ted WR

10 10 Houston (from Atlanta) |Okoye, Amobi DT

11 11 San Francisco |Willis, Patrick ILB

12 12 Buffalo |Lynch, Marshawn RB

13 13 St. Louis |Carriker, Adam DE

14 14 N.Y. Jets (from Carolina) |Revis, Darrelle CB

15 15 Pittsburgh |Timmons, Lawrence OLB

16 16 Green Bay |Harrell, Justin DT

17 17 Denver (from Jacksonville) |Moss, Jarvis DE

18 18 Cincinnati |Hall, Leon CB

19 19 Tennessee |Griffin, Michael FS

20 20 N.Y. Giants |Ross, Aaron CB

21 21 Jacksonville (from Denver) |Nelson, Reggie FS

22 22 Cleveland (from Dallas) |Quinn, Brady QB

23 23 Kansas City |Bowe, Dwayne WR

24 24 New England (from Seattle) |Meriweather, Brandon FS

25 25 Carolina (from N.Y. Jets) |Beason, John OLB

26 26 Dallas (from Philadelphia) |Spencer, Anthony DE

27 27 New Orleans |Meachem, Robert WR

28 28 San Fransisco (from New England) |Staley, Joe OT

29 29 Baltimore |Grubbs, Ben G

30 30 San Diego

31 31 Chicago

32 32 Indianapolis


MODS+ADMINS- is it ok that I post one post in this topic for every round? Thanks!

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Man I can't believe they went 4 rounds already, of course I want to rub it in that our new RB (Greenbay) is from cornhusker lands :unsure: . Should be interesting what he does in the preseason and hopefully he can fill in green's shoes lets GO CHEESEHEADS!!!

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You know what is funny? My uncle is the senior producer for the Cowboys (NFL team) and i don't know anything about football. Except, he took me for a tour of the stadium and the field and i got two inches away from tony romo. <<<He is georgous!!!

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