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Any Online Rpg Games For Free

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Ok... I am a noob. I wanna play online RPG but am unwilling to pay a price for it. Do I have anything on offer? Or Am I asking too much. I tried F.E.A.R but it was not my type of a game. I liked Warcraft 3 but have not yet tried world of warcraft.

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There is runescape, not a good game. CC Corps. online .hack, fan game, *BLEEP* graphics. There is some others. Oh wait, narutofighters.com, not to great but if you want to train this is the place. You can always type it in on google and see the results.

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I know of hundreds of games like mmorpgs and rpgs. I will list some of them.



Text Based Games




1. Eragon Live (eragonlive.com)

2. Vagabond's Quest (vagabondsquest.com)

3. Kings of Chaos (kingsofchaos.com)




1. The Crims




1. Furcadia (furcadia.com)

2. Penguin Chat (penguinchat.com)

3. Club Penguin (clubpenguin.com)


Medieval MMORPGs/RPGs


1. RuneScape (runescape.com)

2. Conquer Online

3. Knight Online (knightonline.com)

4. Maple Story

5. Eternal Lands

6. Sherwood Dungeon

7. Sherwood Classic

8. Mystic Online

9. Silkroad Online

10. Nowhere Else and Beyond

11. Kal Online

12. Graal Online

13. Corum Online

14. Diamonin

15. Endless Online

16. Monster and Me

17. Free World

18. Rubies of Eventide

19. World of Warcraft

20. Everquest

21. Everquest 2

22. Dark Ages

23. Aspereta

24. Survival Project

25. Ilutia

26. Dark Age of Camelot




1. Puzzle Pirates

2. World of Pirates

3. Dogs of the Seas

4. Pirates of the Burning Sea

5. Pirate The World

6. Tradewinds Legends

7. Zepirates

8. Avast!

9. Pirates of the Caribbean Online



Those were only a few...

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I know of a few. Some of them good and some not.http://www.runescape.com/ http://www.battleon.com/
Or you can buy Guild Wars which has free online play. It is fun for a while and then i got bored. I played for about 2 weeks and then i got sick of it. So i was thinking sweet what a waste of 40 dollars. It all depends on what you like.Or there is a thing called Google. Search Free Online RPG's.

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Pretty much what they said. There's a lot out there! There's also Fly For Fun (Mostly known as FlyFF). It's a medieval themed game.Sorry if I overlooked that one. I didn't see it mentioned.

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