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[php] Header Function

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 Header function




we are going to use the header() funtion to redirect


start making a file called page.php


at the top of the file add


Example 1

After <?php add


header('Location: http://trap17.com;;

the LOCATION means

where you want it to go.


Example 2

you also can define a file that you want to redirect to

After <?php add


header('Location: index.php');

Example 3

you also can add a timer to it :)

After <?php add


header('Refresh: 0; url=http://trap17.com; );

Refresh: 0; means that it will refresh to the url you entered and

the 0; means the seconds it wait to refresh.


Example 4

now if you want to go to the root of the site use this ;)

After <?php add


header('Refresh: 3; url=/');

Have fun with this tutorial.. ;)

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Hey, nice bit of info there, i never knew you could add a timer to the redirect thingy, that could be very useful. Its worth mentioning that any HEADER function wont work if there is output before it. Eg if you used ECHO or PRINT before using the HEADER it will give an error, i think you can d ther things like form processing, database connections etc but nothing can be output to the browser before the HEADER, that caused me some headaches in the past.

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