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C Programming Video Tutorials This is for all the memebers out there looking or need some mroe help

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Hello per this is for the memeber that want to start programming in " C "...


C is a very powerful Programming Lang In fact mayb to powerful..


Well there is 138 Videos in the TUT..


I Have uploaded the it so per .rar is per chapter :lol:


P@ssword for ALL .rar files is : sid3arm


chapter #1 = Introduction to C ** Download link **

chapter #2 = A basic C program ** Download link **

chapter #3 = Basic Elements of a C Program ** Download link **

chapter #4 = Conditional code ** Download link **

chapter #5 = Loops ** Download link **

chapter #6 = Arrays ** Download link **

chapter #7 = Strings and Characters ** Download link **

chapter #8 = Advanced Operators ** Download link **

chapter #9 = The C Preprocessor ** Download link **

chapter #10 = Functions ** Download link **

chapter #11 = Structures ** Download link **

chapter #12 = The Comilation Process ** Download link **

chapter #13 = Basic Pointers ** Download link **

chapter #14 = Scope ** Download link **

chapter #15 = Dynamic Memory ** Download link **

chapter #16 = The Standard C Funtion Libary ** Download link **

chapter #17 = Bitwise Operators ** Download link **

chapter #18 = Advanced Pointers ** Download link **

chapter #19 = Function Pointers ** Download link **


Have fun :lol: hope this helped :(



Plz dont forget to Say Thank you :(

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The first tutorial at least was taken down. For some reason I get the vibe that you didn't create these videos yourself, seeing as we need a password for them :lol:. Anyways, thanks for the links, but like I said, they aren't working.

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thanx for this m8i will doenload them later when i get homelokking forward to watch them :lol:i'm new to this :(do you know other site's with video tutorialsthanx in advance m8 :lol:

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can you please send me all these links?

C Programming Video Tutorials


I'm not able to download these video link.


Can you please send me all these links?


Actually I'm an hardware engineer and I don't know anything about microcontroller(89c51) and 'c', but I,m need to learn this. If possible please help me?




-question by manjeeri

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