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Divine decoded messages regarding Barack Obama

Divine Cosmos



I am gifted with the ability to decode the Truth within names and words. Within each word, within each name, within each letter, within each number, etc. Is a message from God. A message from the Angel's. All we need to do is decode the message and The Truth is clearly shown to us. Signs are all around us. All we have to do is pay attention to them.


I have decoded the name "Barack Hussein Obama"...


The name Barack means "to Bless."

The word Oba means "King."

The word Ama means "Divine Mother."


Translation...Blessed King (Father) and Divine Mother.


When the word "Oba" and the word "Ama" are combined...The 2 letter "A's" become one. "Obama." The Divine Union of the Father and the Mother. The Divine Union of the Masculine and Feminine. Masculine=Light Feminine=Love Divine Union=Life/Creation (Both the male and female are needed in order to create.)


Unfortunately, humanity has been subconsciously imprinted into taking on a false belief that the name "Hussein" is negative. We, sadly, associate a "terrorist" to this name. Therefore, fear is a reaction that one feels when they hear the name, "Hussein." Instead of being in power and in control of our own thoughts and beliefs, we have become like puppets, taking on the thoughts and beliefs of others. Thus the reason for the induced fear to this name. Let me disclose to you THE TRUTH. The name "Hussein" has a powerful sacred message within it.


The word Hu means "God's Love." What Is the HU?

(45 sec. Windows Media Video)


The word "Sein" means; being, existence, to be, to constitute into form.



Pronounced the same way but spelled differently is the word "Sain."

Sain: To make the sign of the cross on or over something or someone. To bless, to keep from evil influence.


Ironically, the word "Sain" has the exact same meaning as

Obama's first name "Barack" ...Which also means "to Bless." The word "Saint" originates from the word "Sain."


Therefore...The Divine translation and true interpretation of Barack Obama's middle name, "Hussein," would mean..."God's Love exists. God's Love is in form. God's Love blesses all. God's Love protects one from evil."


This translation shifts the negative feeling of fear to the name "Hussein" to a postive feeling of love. Now when a person hears the name "Hussein" they will hear God's Love.


Barack Hussein Obama..."Blessing (Barack) of God's Love (Hu) exists (Sein) thru The Union of Father (Oba-King) and Mother." (Ama-Divine Mother)


"God Bless America." Said in another way..."God Barack America!" Since as stated...Barack means "to bless."


This is going to be the 44th President. 44 is a Master number.



4 plus 4 equals 8. Pythagoras called 8, "as above, so below."(Heaven/Earth) This knowledge of spirit and matter gives the 8 inspiration, leadership ability, even genius. It is 4 plus 4: the organizational abilities of the 4 doubled - 44: mastermind, prosper, unlimited.


44 is THE MASTER THERAPIST who solves the material needs of the world. It is the 'so below' that makes manifest on the material plane.


Two 4's make it doubly practical - resourceful. They can take valuable ideas and put them to work helping people build or rebuild their lives.


The 44 is a very special kind of therapist, one on a spiritual (44) level.


FYI - Edgar Cayce had a life path of 44. Minister is 44.


The 8th letter of the Hebrew alphabet, Cheth, corresponds to the English letters 'Ch' - the sound being guttural as in the name of the German composer, Bach. Synchronicity..."Bach" like in the name "Barack"


Reference: Shirley Blackwell Lawrence




In Hebrew gematria:







I came across a youtube video where some teenagers were chanting a mantra, "Alpha, Omega, Obama." As one knows...The Alpha and The Omega is IAO. IAO is a name of God. "I Am The Alpha and The Omega. Who is and Who was and Who is to come." (The McCain campaign has infringed upon and taken away their Constitutional Rights from The First Amendment; their FREEDOM of expression, of speech, of press and of religion. McCain has mandated that this youtube video be removed from the internet.)


I was divinely guided to this particular youtube for a reason so I thought to myself...They are calling Barack Obama, "The Alpha and The Omega?"


So I did some research. Once again, I was divinely guided to discover the follwing information:


The first verse (Genesis) in The Bible has 44 letters. The last verse in The Bible (Revelations) has 44 letters.


Genesis 1:1

"In the beginning God creates the Heaven and the Earth."

Revelation 22:21

"The Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen."


44 letters at the beginning of The Bible. 44 letters at the end of The Bible. Thus..."I Am The Alpha and The Omega...The first and the last...The beginning and the end."


Remember...This will be the 44th President of The United States.


44 plus 44 equals 88. There is one verse in The Bible that has 88 letters.


1 John 5:7

"For there are three that bear record in Heaven. The Father, The Word, and The Holy Ghost. And these Three are One."


(Called the Johannine Comma...Now removed/changed from many Bibles)




The three mentioned in this verse are contained within Barack Hussein Obama's name.


The "Father" equals Oba.

The "Word" equals Hu.

The "Holy Ghost" equals Ama.

And these Three are One.


Barack means to Bless.

Sein means to exist.


Therefore the translation is, "The Father, The Word, and The Holy Ghost exists in form and blesses." Hence, another divine interpretation for the name, "Barack Hussein Obama."


Many call Barack Obama, "The Messiah." I understand that this may sound farfetched, however, what I have been divinely led to decode certainly signifies that there may be some Truth to this. There is definitely a divine connection. Jesus Christ is called, "The King of Kings." Oba means King. (Christ=Christos. Christos means "The Way," "The Path," "Spirit of Truth," "The Annointed One." The same by whatever name...Christ, Krishna, Buddha, Allah, Ormazd, etc. It is all the same divine energy of God.)


Using the anagram technique, re-arranging the letters within a word to come up with new words, I found yet another divine message within the name "Barack Hussein Obama."




The message is; "Back Messiah Oba Ra Nu." Ra is called, "The Sun King...The Sun God." Nu is called, "The Mother of Waters." Water is a symbol of life, spirit, cleansing, purification and divine blessing. (baptism) The word "Nu" is the origin of the word "Nun."





Translation..."Back Messiah; The King (Oba) The Sun/Son (Ra) and The Mother (Nu)." The Holy Trinity is found within this anagram. Father (Oba) Son (Ra) Holy Ghost/Spirit (Nu). Remember...One is baptized by "The Holy Spirit"...Water...Nu is "The Mother of Waters."




When Jesus Christ walked this Earth, there was a dark angry mob. The crowd would shout "Blasphemy!" "Kill him!"...Today there is a dark angry mob. The crowd is shouting, "Treason!" "Terrorist!" "Kill him!" "Off with his head!" "Bomb him!" This time the dark negative energy is being projected towards Barack Obama. Barack Obama...A King (Oba) of Peace. A Divine Christed Being who has come to bring HOPE & CHANGE, PEACE & LOVE, PROSPERITY & ABUNDANCE, EQUALITY & UNITY to this World.




We are at a pivotal time upon this Beloved Earth. This is the most crucial important Presidential election in the history of this planet. We are at a crossroads. Either to choose the dark...FEAR. Which would be the McCain/Palin...Cain/Pain candidates. Yes, indeed, the sign and message/name, "Cain," is clearly found right within McCain's name. Take away the "L" from Palin and it spells "Pain." Cain/Pain are attempting to plant a malicious seed of "doubt" & "suspicion" within the minds of humanity regarding Barack Obama's honesty and integrity. This is called slander and is an unlawful defamation of his honorable character. It is clearly obvious that Cain/Pain's entire campaign is based upon fear and terrorism. Terrorism means "to induce fear." When they are making accusations and pointing fingers toward another...Well, I wish to remind them...That there have been 3 fingers pointing right back at themself. Cain/Pain are intentionally inducing FEAR...The exact definition of "terrorism." Therefore, they are the real terrorists. The Cain/Pain slogans are words such as, "fight," "enemy," "terror," "anger," "fear," "kill," "war, " etc. These kinds of words create and breed hatred and separation. McCain is now denying this, however, all one has to do is listen to one of his (their) campaign speeches and you will hear these poisonous toxic words repeated over and over. The result...The Cain/Pain supporters attending their rallies are shouting and echoing these exact same hate-filled words from amongst the crowd..."Terrorist!" "Kill him!" "Bomb him!" "Off with his head!" McCain and Palin are responsible for their supporter's monstrous behavior since they are the instigators. Those destructive words were originally recited by Cain/Pain in the first place. The crowds are merely reflecting back Cain/Pain's vicious seeds that were planted within their psyche. Thus providing proof that the seed has now grown into a deadly, dangerous & ugly weed.




It is important to mention...The "Drill-Baby-Drill...Kill-Baby-Kill Team" would create havoc and effect the safety of ALL life upon this Beloved Earth. The "Spill-Baby-Spill Team" would cause major catastrophes. The amount of oil spills as a result of drilling would kill many animals, birds, fish, etc., and destroy the water and the land. Also, the oil within the Earth's surface serves a divine purpose. It is the oil that keeps the tectonic plates of the Earth lubricated. Without this lubrication we would experience huge shifts from these tectonic plates. The result would be cat


-reply by Becky Sandstedt

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Extremely interesting. Something a great many of us have felt, without knowing why (consciously). A feeling that something new had begun,something different had entered the world.  Also there seemed to be an intolerence for "buisiness as usual". It all makes a lot more sense to me now. A new idea had been born. Imagine us being so lucky as to have witnessed it.I think somewhere in our hearts we recognized him the moment we saw him.

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Many scientists and doctors steal from Albert Roy Davis and Walter C. Rawls, Jr.Divine CosmosReplying to ~Nick[;Replying to kraizii88zAlbert Roy Davis was the first scientist in the world to discover that magnetic energies have vortex spins, that the North pole spins counterclockwise and the South pole spins clockwise, and that the two energies reverse polarities in the Bloch Wall in a broken figure eight pattern, to name just a few of his revolutionary discoveries. His discoveries are the very foundation of the "new physics" that we here about these days.Dr. Richard LeFors Clark wrote, "Diamagnetic Gravity Vortexes", which is in the book titled, "Antigravity and the World Grid", by David Hatcher Childress. Clark describes all of the magnetic discoveries listed above, but he doesn't mention Albert Roy Davis at all. He seems quite content making it appear as if he made them. In "The Divine Cosmos", Wilcock refers to the "discoveries" of Dr. Richard LeFors Clark several times. He gives credit to Clark for all of the discoveries that I listed above too. Wilcock refers to Albert Roy Davis' discovery of the broken figure eight of magnetic energies in the Bloch Wall and calls them "Dr. Richard LeFors Clark's 'bowtie' shaped vortices." Clark even steals his diagrams from Davis too. These laws of magnetism and the diagrams Clark uses were taken directly from the first book by Albert Roy Davis and Walter C. Rawls, Jr., "Magnetism and Its Effects on the Living System", published in 1974. Davis and Rawls really emphasize the failures of orthodox physics and the importance of "spin" in, "The Magnetic Blueprint of Life", their fourth book, published in 1979. Childress and Wilcock should do a better job of investigating the work of the authors they carelessly give credit to in their books.I've heard Richard C. Hoagland talk about the "Russian physics" on several occasions too, and he even writes that in his books. The Russians have tried to steal credit for the discoveries of other researchers on many occasions in the past. Since Albert Roy Davis' discovery of two separate and distinct magnetic energies is the foundation for the "new physics", the "Russian physics" is not Russian at all. Davis was a Canadian, and he moved to Florida with his family when he was very young. The Russians have known about Davis and Rawls for many, many years.Dr. Buryl Payne, Dr. William Philpott, and other doctors have tried to steal credit from Davis and Rawls too. The discoveries of Davis and Rawls have been a treasure chest from which researchers can steal from and pass off as their own, because few people have known about Davis and Rawls up until now.-reply by Charlie

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