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Read Xml And Import Into Database question

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hi all ,
i have one big problem
i need to know , how i can read xml file and then save strings in xml in database
for example its my xml

<?xml version="1.0"?> <numbers> <arash>1</arash> <kiarash>2</kiarash> </numbers>
i want my soruce read this xml file and then save <arash> string into arash field in mysql database
for example in this source arash string is " 1" and kiarash string is "2"
my fields in mysql are standard and we have 2 field with names "arash" and "kiarash"
please help me , if you know some tut about this subject
thanks :lol:

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I suppose you could use an fopen("xml.xml" "r"); statement and then use some explodes to get the numbers...

<?phpif(!$handle = fopen("file.xml", "w")){echo "Could not open the file.";exit;}if (!is_readable("file.xml")){echo "The file is not readable!";exit;}$contents = fread($handle, filesize($filename));$getarash = explode($contents, "<arash>");$getarash2 = explode($arash[1], "</arash");$arash = $getarash2[0];fclose($handle);?>

But, it is easier to just update the xml file from the database through PHP automatically with a cron job or something...

<?phpif(!$handle = fopen("somefile.xml", "w")){echo "Can't open the file";}if (!is_writable("somefile.xml")){echo "The file is not writable!";}$xml .= <<<EOF<?xml version="1.0"?><numbers> EOF;$conn = mysql_connect('localhost, 'dbuser', 'dbpass');mysql_select_db('dbname');$query = @mysql_query("SELECT number FROM `arash`");$arash = @mysql_fetch_assoc($query);$xml .= <<<EOF<arash>{$arash['number']}</arash>EOF;//Etc for kiarash$xml .= <<<EOF</numbers>EOF;if (fputs($handle, $xml) === FALSE)  {	echo "Cannot write to xml file";	exit; }fclose($handle);mysql_close($conn);?>

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For reading XML with php you need to use something like this (this example even ads XSL stylesheet to XML)

$xmldoc = new DOMDocument(); $xmldoc->loadXML('yourxmlfile.xml'); $xsldoc = new DOMDocument(); $xsldoc->loadXML('yourstylesheet.xsl'); $xslt = new XSLTProcessor(); $xslt->importStylesheet($xsldoc); echo $xslt->transformToXML($xmldoc);

Just a thing i was wondering, does Xisto have support for XSLTProcessor?!

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