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Missing File In Cpanel ? Errors in quota

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When i enter in quota of accout default at :

http:// user name .trap17.com:2082/frontend/rvorange/ftp/editquota.html?acct=ftp

I seen :

Not Found
The server was not able to find the document (./frontend/rvorange/ftp/editquota.html) you requested
Please check the url and try again.  You might also want to report
this error to your webhost.

Is this a errors or missing file ?

And Raw Log Manager don't working too .

I checked cell : "Archive Logs in your home directory at the end of each stats run [every 1 day(s)]" and put save but i never seen logs that ?

I only seen logs in Awstats and Webalizer but them don't fully .
I want giving logs everydays .

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uhm, I personally am not having this problem, if it says the file isnt found, it means any of the these 2 things1. file has been moved since you tried editing it therefore causing the file not found erroror2. you accidently deleted during the editing processproblems can be fixed by..:1. locating the file and moving it back to the correct place2. usually when you delete a file it stays in the trash bin, if its not there, then you will have to re-store the file to its original state(which generally is impossible if you dont know what was on it, in this case, i suggest restarting whatever you were doing)

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