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Runescape - Selling Lvl 76

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Its name is 01oi01lo1 and im selling it for RS money im asking for around 2-3 mill but we can work around there if you want. My current account is kraziikev5 that I AM NOT SELLINg if you want to contact me my aim sn is Pimpinfashzafool and my RS name is kraziikev5 but if you say Hi I wanna b uy your 76 I wont respond just simple things because I dont want to get banned. If you dont got aim GO MAKE ONE! ill be on trust me if im not just wait a few....well go search it 01oi01lo1 lvl 76 combat lvl the rest go highscore it and then its got no GP and armor is midium armor ( Slayer and etc ) I will help you alot with my main if you buy the account well GL AND REMEMBER I wont check back on this post so contact me on AIM and my fone number is (818) 203 3153

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