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Scientists astonished as dietary pill transforms childrens brains

By John von Radowitz
FOUR children whose brains and mental abilities were suddenly transformed after they took a simple dietary supplement have astonished scientists.

Scans showed their brains underwent three years worth of development in just three months.

At the same time they displayed remarkable improvements in tests of reading, concentration, problem-solving and memory.

One boy who previously scorned books and was hooked on TV developed a love of reading and declared he was bored of television.

The three boys and one girl, aged between eight and 13, were taking part in a pilot study looking at the effects of diet on developing young brains.

Scientists believe the results are powerful evidence of the harm junk food is doing to Britains children.

All the children were classified as overweight. Zach, aged eight, weighed eight stone, George and Rachael, both 11, each weighed 11 stone, and 13-year-old Gareth weighed 12 stone.

At the start of the study the children were given a supplement called VegEPA, which contains a combination of omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids.

They took two capsules a day for three months and were also encouraged to cut down on fatty snacks and fizzy drinks.

The children showed an increase in reading age of well over a year, their handwriting became neater and more accurate, and they paid more attention in class.

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:P I could use some of those supplements. I tend to doze off a bit in class even though I try my hardest to pay attention. I hope that they find no problems in the supplement and begin selling them cheaply. :(

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