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Hello guys... i like hear about zen meditation.... can you tell us how to practize it ?

I have one article about ZEN Meditation actually but it still in Indonesian language :lol: , it would take sometime for me to translate it into an english language. I'll post it as soon as posible here.. :lol:

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Zen Meditation is based on Simplicity, and Tranquility(as is all meditation)... there is no "set way" to practice, just guidelines that orthers have found to help...

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ZAn is the art of doing nothing, now, for example whlile Iam writing about zen Iam doing something and I am using my language an my previuos knowledgo, so Iam using information for talking about nothing it is a contradiction coz the mind cannot stop to contradict itself,,, silence

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This topic seems long dead, but I will try replying and see what happens.





- Sit with your back straight.

- Tilt your head slightly forward, but keep your neck straight.

- Keep your eyes open but relaxed, and look at some point on the floor in front of you.

- Keep your hands together, open, palms up, fingers of left hand gently covering fingers of right hand.

- Rest your hands on your lap, right under your belly button.

- Form straight line with your thumbs. They should barely touch each other.

- The line formed by the thumbs should remain straight, not curved up or down.

- Adjust your position until comfortable.

- Breath deeply three or for times.

- Let go of your thoughts.



- Focus your attention on the region right below your belly button (called "hara" in Japanese), which is also right under your hands.

- Watch your breath. Do not manipulate it. Just watch it.

- As your body exhales count 1, then 2, then 3,... until you reach 10. then start again with 1.

- When you notice your mind has wandered (you have stopped counting, you have counted beyond 10), gently bring it back to watching your breath and counting, 1, 2, on the exhalations.



This is just one practice. It is a beginner practice. If you are interested in trying other zen practices, let me know.


As you practice this, if you persist you may experience things like your hands warming up, your back becoming very straight by itself, your vision becoming blurred and possibly completely blank (a sort of white mist). These are all artifacts, not really important. You may enjoy them for a few seconds, but let go of them and continue bringing your attention to your breath.

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