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Getting Values From A Form

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Alright I have created the form and the validation was done using a for-loop. What I need to know is how to bring it to an processing page which is an .asp format so I can effectively add it to a database. I have created several forms through javascript as well. Would appreciate it if I could get some assistance. Can anyone suggest to me how I can do it?

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I know of a tool, wich i used a few years back when i had to learn asp in a course, but i do not use it now.

The name of the tool is "Asp DataForm", and it creates, in a very easy and quick way (it has a great and simple interface), asp forms with mdb databases (microsoft access databases) and it creates the asp files with validation and evrything you need.

It is an all in one tool, but, it is in Portuguese (Made by a Brazilian company), and if you want it, download it from:

Home Page - Great Asp website (Portuguese, Brazilian)

Asp DataForm (In Portuguese) - Download Link

I speak Portuguese very well, so if you need help translating just reply with the words/sentences to translate

Anyway, here is some translation services and tools:

Google Translation Tools - Free

Google Translator Interface Platinum 2.5 - Free

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Yeah forms can be soo problematic. I used one with .txt document serving as database and it is working great. However it only supports sending data to your email, so if you want certain info to appear on the site, you have to do it manually. I did it for a congress and there was not that many applications, so that was not a problem. However, with bigger projects, one has to use mysql and php or asp as you've mentioned. The thing is, it is quite a big and complex "script" and if you have a smaller site, I suggest you this .txt database based script called Jack's Formmail...Lyon2 this looks like a very useful tool and its a big loss that it isn't made in english language...Good luck with your form!Best whishes

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