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Using The / As A Delimiter In The Split Function using the / as a Delimiter in the split function

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How do I use the / as a Delimiter in the split function?

This is the code now:

($url1, $url2, $url3) = split (/\./,$Image_Upload_4);

This is what I want to be able to split up the url:
($url1, $url2, $url3) = split (/\/./,$Image_Upload_4);

I have tried to put the / in quotes but that did'nt work.

Thanks for any help.

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The split function uses Regex, so the correct method is based on the regex use of square brackets.

See here Second example is better than the first.

I am thinking the correct code for what you want to do would be something like this :

($url1, $url2, $url3) = split ([/\/./],$Image_Upload_4);

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As buckroe2 mentioned, the split character you supply is a regular expression, which can be translated into one single character or many characters. In your particular case, many different versions would work, as long as it translates into the single character /. 


The empty lines represent a null field caused by the double slashes // . The following expressions all translate to a single /: "/", '/', '[/]'. In a regular expression, single quotes will cause an interpretation 'as-is' without further translation. Brackets [] will enclose alternative characters, and contents of "" will be further translated according to regular expression rules.


Perl.org has an excellent tutorial on regular expressions that explains everything about it: http://perldoc.perl.org/perlretut.html

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