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Free Running What Do You Think....

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Ok, so as a freestyle club, we are constantly trying to introduce new ways of 'getting the job done'. One of the things that we are introducing is freerunning, or parkour.


So.. what do you think.


Freerunning was originally known as Parkour, but it was changed by the media to freerunning so it could sound easier on the ear.

As an art, it does not provide martial combat skills, but it does promote muscle growth in the lower body through shock training and ofcourse 'heavy weights' running. It can play a major use within a fight style, as it incourages the use of 'creative' movement. It would play an important role in escape and evasion, and possibly in use of chasing somebody.


Parkour increases the chances of escape, by promoting forwards movement that is adapted to ones environment. This could mean jumping, rolling, crawling, vaulting, climbing etc... And is used for a quick method of escape.


Freerunning however is a more commercialised spin off of parkour that has more emphasis on media attention and show man ship. This style is less effective and more dangerous, but will look more impressive, yet since when have we as martial artists ever worried about what looks good or not.


All I would like please is your views on parkour and freerunning. What do you think. Which of the two would you be more incurred to join and perform. All comments would be appreciated. Thanks, Sean.

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Hey there, first off i want to say that both PK and free running look great in my opinion and id love to learn either/both one day when im fitter! Im assuming your question refers to how usefull each would be in martial arts combat in which case id say PK because by the way you described both it sounds more useful, as i understood from my brief karate experience most martial art combat styles arent about killing your enemy theyre more about defending their attacks and throwing back a few to either scare them off or stop them being a danger or to let yourself escape and as such PK, as you described it, would be more useful as it would allow you to escape.Maybe they should teach police officers PK...then they might be able to catch criminals for a change!

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