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Can Someone Help Me In Getting The Screenshots

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Hello everyone,

Can please someone get the screenshots of the process of installing certificate in Apple Safari.

here's what you can do to help me :

1. Open http://www.onetel.co.uk/ on safari
2. You'll get the security certificate error and that's where you've to take the screenshots of installing the certificate in safari.

(Note this website is completely safe, in case you get any phishing filter alerts, you can ignore them. Onetel is an Internet service provider in UK and I work for them.)

Please take down the screenshots of each and every step. I'll be grateful to you.

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no mac users? i wish i can help personally, but i have no access to apple safari to do your request. however, i can suggest an online resource website which you can use to make the screenshots yourself. ;)




BrowserCam's Screen Capture Service lets you submit multiple URL's, choose the browsers and operating systems you want to see, and in about a minute returns screen captures of your webpage loaded in the different browsers and operating systems you selected.

though it's a paid service, there is a FREE 24-hour evaluation period which you can avail of to do a cross-browser check of up to 200 pages. i suppose it won't take you more than a day to do your testing of pages you want to see on safari. for a complete list of features they offer, click here. hope this helps. ;)

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