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Zelda: Minish Cap (game Boy Advance)

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This is one of those games that I never bought, and regretted it when it immediately became a rare and hard to come by game.Thankfully, the Gaming Gods must have been smiling on me three days ago, when I managed to find a copy of Minish Cap, boxed, in perfect condition, for ?25 (this was the same day I got Metroid: Zero Mission for ?13, the same shop even).I've only just left Minish Woods and learnt the Spin Attack, due to some extremely casual playing and alot of socialising and doing College work, but I've got to say it's living up to the Zelda name so far.One thing that bugged me though, is that after you complete the first dungeon in the Minish Woods, you're kind of just thrown back into the world, told to speak to someone on a mountain, not even knowing where this mountain is. And after running around collecting Kinstones and Rupees for a while and seeing if I cpould explore Hyrule Town Minish size so early on, I finally figured out I had to show the guard to the west the Spin Attack to proceed.What was annoying about that part was the complete lack of direction, the game didn't nudge me west at all, it turned out to be luck. I talked to the guard, he mentioned the Spin Attack and I was like "Oh ... That's how I get to the next bit". Some of you may laugh at that, but it really was not clear, and now that I'm in that area, I find I can't actually climb the mountain, and according to a Deku Scrub, I'm suppposed to buy an item from a cave that I can't even seem to get to.And this isn't me not using my brain, the start of the game and first dungeon was a piece of cake. I've played Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask and Wind Waker and never were those games so confusing and annoying as to how to actually move forward, well, not so much how to move forward, more how to get there, and I can see it being the bane of my enjoyment of the game.

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