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Change Your Windows Xp Boot Screen

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Hacking/changing the logon screen on xp

This trick is very easy to do if you have already done the Start Button hack. If you don't already have Resource Hacker go download it now.

Browse to -C:\winnt\system32 or
and copy & paste logonui.exe into the same directory. It should name the copy: copy of logonui.exe Once you have done that, copy logonui.exe again and paste it to C:\ Now, open C:\logonui.exe with Resource hacker.

Click on Action and then on Replace bitmap. If you are good with graphics you can make your own logon screen, you should be able to scroll thru the bitmaps in this file and figure out what's where. If your not great with graphics, you can download already made graphics and use them, or use them as a template. To set the size of Bitmap 100: Go into the \UIFILE\1000\1022\ tree and press CTRL+F Now, find Change the entire line to read: Where xxx is put the width e.g. 400rp (the rp @ the end is needed) and where yyy is, put the height e.g. 1000rp. Make sure the image doesn't go over the login names because it slows down to a snails pace (fading etc.)

Once you have everything the way you want it, just save the file to C:\ and close Resource hacker. Now, your going to need a Windows 98 bootdisk so you can get in dos mode. You can go here and download a bootdisk, if you don't already have one. Once at the DOS prompt, you must copy the new logonui.exe file over the existing one. Go to the directory where you extracted the new logonui file (C:\logonui.exe) and type: copy logonui.exe c:\windows\system32\ or C:\winnt\system32 on some systems. It will ask if you want to overwrite the file, just say yes.

All done! Once you reboot you should see your new logon screen. If for some reason you screwup, go back in dos and copy the copy of logonui.exe file and replace it with the one in C:\winnt\system32 or C:\windows\system32.

I have a few templates here, that you can download and use:


Until next time, Happy hacking! Smile


Looking for more Logon screens? Check out ThemeXP! They have thousands of Logon screens to choose from.

Notice from truefusion:

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Just thought I should let you know: the title of this page is misleading.Your title suggested that you would be talking about "boot screen"s, but you're actually giving instructions on how to change the "login screen."To clear up any confusion: The boot screen is the screen with the windows logo and the scrolling progress bar while you start up windows. To change this screen, you pretty much need to resource hack the NT Kernel (ntoskrnl.Exe, ntkrnlsp.Exe, ntkrnlpa.Exe depending on version of windows xp) and actually replace the bitmaps it uses to display the boot splash.These are all risky procedures of course, and I MAKE NO GUARANTEE THEY WILL WORK FOR YOU without breaking your pc. Don't say I didn't warn you. Backup EVERYTHING and if you're really nervous, add another line to your boot.Ini for the custom kernel you hack, so you don't /physically/ replace your current kernel, only change it as an option, and you can choose to boot in your normal kernel if you screwed up the boot-screen hacking to fix things. I can't find a good website; I must've closed that tab. If you google "windows xp boot screen change boot.Ini" (without quotes) you should find something on it. If I remember correctly you just add a line exactly like your normal one except you add "/KERNEL=mycustomkernel.Exe" at the end of it (but don't quote me on that, I could be VERY wrong).On that note, there are plenty of good, full tutorials online already, so I'd suggest finding one of those if you were looking for a way to change your Windows XP (sp1, sp2, MAYBE sp3) boot screen when you visited this page. I have found TONS of good ones for SP1 and SP2 users, but if you're using SP3, good luck, my friend. The only thing I've been able to find out so far about SP3 is that it's different, and there doesn't appear to be any free software that can do it for you on SP3 (most of them work on SP1 and 2, but DON'T work on sp3 (userXP's program, for instance, says "WILL NOT WORK ON SP3" in big letters on its home page).

<http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/; is a really good one; he even uploaded the palettes you need to download to edit/create your own boot screens with the default color palette.<http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/; is a great one if you want to change your boot screen, and add your own color palette. I believe it also tells you how you can move the progress bar on the boot screen (only vertically, not horizontally.)Hopefully this helps dispel any confusion of people like me, who came here looking for "boot screen" instructions instead of "login screen" instructions. ^_^~ FireSBurnsmuP

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