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Any New War Games? for pc

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are there any good new action games for pc?like war games .. havent really looked and havent seen any ads of new ones so have no idea waht is out there. Is that socom 3 version out yet?

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The best ones I know of are Medieval war 2. It's an incredible game and you'll be shocked at how the game runs because it's complete battles in 3d form. Seriously, if you don't want that, then at least go for company of Heroes.

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go to http://www.warrock.net/ !!!!! Its free!! Its downloadable... Its product held so like no viruses come attached i swear... Its massive multiplayer fps... Like its a new game and its totally free... its the best free game u will play!! Its better than counter-strike because it hase boats and airplanes and helicopters and tanks... and in a month the commercial release will come out.. but u can still play for free....


is a free multi player first-person shooter. It has intentionally low system requirements in order to encourage widespread participation. War Rock features a growing number of maps, vehicles and over 25 different weapons. The player has the choice of playing on the NIU or Derbaran teams. The player has the choice of a number of classes, with each class having a different weapon set and ostensibly different combat roles and tactics. The game also features a ranking system and an in-game Item Shop where the player can 'rent' more powerful weapons using virtual currency (dinars) that is earned by playing the game. Rental periods range from three days up to a month. Some weapons can only be bought if the player uses real money to pay for an additional weapons slot. The player can also use real money to pay for other benefits in the game in the future as well. The basic version however is completely free to play, both the International and Korean versions. This version, opposed to the Korean version, has no blood. K2 decided to do so that the ESRB rating system would mark it as a T for Teen.


War Rock contains five main modes of play:



[edit] Close Quarter Combat

Originally called Mission Mode, Close Quarter Combat consists of rounds of game play. In each round, a player is allowed to choose their class and is given one life. Depending on the player's team, certain objectives must be completed in order to win the round. Currently, the only available game mode is "Explosive." In this mode, the Debaran team must plant a bomb at one of the arena's specified sites. The NIU team's objective is to either eliminate the Debaran team or defuse a bomb if one successfully planted. There are no ammo or health recovery stations in this mode; and as a result, the Medic class is more popular. Close Quarter Combat maps require at least 2 but support up a maximum of 16 players.



[edit] Urban Ops

Urban Ops (originally called Infantry combat) maps are medium sized with ground assault vehicles, such as armored Humvee with machine guns or a heavy gun, transport trucks, aircraft, and motorcycles; however, some of the maps feature tanks (Either small, single passenger tanks or large, armored tanks). Urban Ops often features buildings or obstacles that hamper the line of fire. Players can move around with vehicles or on foot with no difficulty, or with aircraft depending on the map. Urban Ops games can be hosted with as little as 2 and as many as 24 players.



[edit] Battle Group

Battle Groups : Maps are large with many vehicles, such as tanks, Humvee, three types of jets (one being the A-10), motorcycles, Blackhawk helicopters, and other transport vehicles (such as a truck). Players are able to both move through the game world on foot, the air, or in a vehicle with not too much difficulty unless otherwise. Battle groups can have from two players to a maximum of 32 players. The only game mode available currently is death match. Currently there are only 7 different levels. After getting destroyed you have to wait 10 seconds or less to respawn, depending on when you died. You have an unlimited number of lives, but each time you die, your death counts against your team's life points. When your team's life points are either gone or not fully used to kill the other team's life points, game is over. The winning team is the team with the highest life points.



[edit] Free For All


A War Rock screen shot of two armored vehicles in Cantumira. A new game mode, Free For All(you can choose FFA as game mode any time you want in Korean WarRock) maps can be either small or medium. The object in Free For All is to have the highest score obtained by the number of kills you get. In Free For All, unlike all of the other game modes there are no teams. It is everyone for themselves. There are little if any vehicles. The game ends when a pre-determined score is reached by a person. This is not yet a public mode meaning you cannot make this type of game. Only game moderators are allowed. It can handle between 8 and 16 players. The game mode had been used in the FFA tournament by the moderators starting 10/30/06. Players were granted shotguns in slot 5 while playing free for all mode in FFA tournament.


[edit] Conquest mode

Conquest Mode can be enabled on Urban Ops and Battle Group maps.


Each team begins with 999 points, and may capture flags as normal. However, if at any time a team is in possession of more flags than the other, the other team's points will begin to tick away. The more flags a team has in their possession, the more points will tick away. In addition, it is now possible to capture base flags. If a team gains possession of all flags on the map, the game will end, and they will be victorious.


Within a few hours of Conquest Mode being released, major bugs and exploits had started to be reported in. Due to this, K2 was forced to remove the creation Conquest Mode game rooms by normal players. Currently, only in-game moderators and administrators are able to create Conquest Mode game rooms. This will not be for long though, due to the fact that once the bugs are fixed, Conquest Mode will be released to be created by all players.



[edit] Maps

War Rock has a rapidly increasing number of maps, with new maps being released with most patches. Currently the following maps have been removed for testing: Ohara, Ravello and Ravello 2nd Street.




Close Quarters Combat Urban Ops Battle Group







Urban Ops Battle Group


Harbor IDA


Harbord Elia




Battle Group



Pargona East






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