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J2me - Bmicalculator Trial Test

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I am studying to become a mobile applications developer and I have been working on a J2ME application in recent weeks when I have had the time, but considering I have to work everyday, I could only dedicate snippets of my time at night, and during the weekends. But after several weeks, I have more or less completed this application. I have just left out some enhancements implementation but 85% of it is completed and I want to get your review.

And in case you are wondering what is J2ME (Java 2 Micro Edition), similar to J2SE, but it is lighter and it is the programming language to program MIDlets as I like to call it or software to put into your mobile phone. How do you install a mobile application, download its .jar file and run it in your mobile phone, it should prompt you to install it in your desired location; be it memory stick or phone memory.

Alright as the name suggests, this is a BMICalculator and this is the very first application I am programming using the J2ME Canvas API. I will be going into more details about it later on. You enter your weight and height, very simple things and it calculates your BMI. But what seperates this application from those normal ones you see out there is the interface, which I have spent a lot of time doing to emulate a software rather than the common mobile applications you see in terms of navigation.

The J2ME Canvas API is used to have full control of the design. So whatever you see on the screen are designed by me, every single thing. There is no generic buttons, text or even word wrap, all these were done by me. However as for the word wrap, I have to give credit to the open source code to handle it. So please download this application, and test it out, give me your feedback too. So I can further improve it and move closer to the official version of 1.0.

Do not worry about this application containing any virus because I have already tested it on my mobile; Sony Ericsson K800 and on another phone, Nokia 6280 and it is working fine. I programmed this application based on the 240 * 320 pixels resolution but I am looking to have this application cross-platform enabled, so do try to test it on your phone. But I would recommend a starting width resolution of 180 pixels or more.

Do note that this application was solely done by me, and that it wasn't copied from anywhere.

To download this application, click on the above link

Hope to be seeing some positive and negative feedback ;)

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please send the linkJ2me - Bmicalculator Trial Test

link is broken ,,,,,,,

not able to download,,,,,

please send me the link to dwnld , I want to learn j2me

-reply by ritesh

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