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Emu8086 Uni work help

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Hi, im studying music and audio electronic systems in uni and i've been set an assingment for my microprocessor lecture. the assignment is:

Write a program in (8088) assembly language that should be able to:
Input any number of positive values of two decimal digits using DOS services.
Find the maximum value.
Display the number of values and the maximum value using DOS services.
Comment on the limitations of your program.

the software i have to use is emu8086 https://sites.google.com/site/vkeyboard111/2

basically i have no clue where to start or what to do and have never done any programming or used this software before, so anyone who knows a bit about programming and has used the software if you could give a few hints or anything i would be very grateful. :P

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Wow, you're starting assembly without any programming practice at all? :P

That's almost unheard of nowadays.


Anyway, start with this page on numbering systems on your emu site.

I'd also suggest reading this site - uses 8086 code.

Then you'd want to read up on DOS interrupts here.


I'm not going to give you your hmwk, but I'll tell you that STDOUT (the usual case for DOS interrupt pages) basically is the screen. So if you were to use something like use Int 21 with AH=9 or AH =2 that'd print a character or string (depending on your AH value) to the screen.


Oh, and hopefully you've read the 8088 specs for that commentary. If you haven't you can just google it.


Hope that helps.


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