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Redirection Services Dont Get You Anywhere!

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In my few years trying to get high google rankings I have noiced that when you use redirection serivces your site atucally looks worse then what it would have with a cheap sub-domain like.freehostia. But Ive notcired that google likes to index sites with real domain names better than what it wuld with a site that had a reall domain name. Why, because with reidrection all your sites are gonna be that same url that you had chosen in the beggining of your choosing prgreesss. Let's use .us.to . All the url will look like http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/, so if you have a forum then google will not inex any of you forum topics meaning it will be harder to get members. If you had a really good topic about SEO on Xisto then google will idnex it right way, not just because Xisto is big, but because they are under a real domain. Even a sub-domain can ge places for you that you will not get with a site that was under a redirection services. There are a few sites that do offer sub-domains lke redirection servies that let you have direcories lile .php or whatever, butm ost that I have reviewed will not let you do that. So really redirection will not get you indexed as quickly. Before i hated sub-domains because it made your site cheap looking, that was in my sense since people who had real domains bouht theirs and us sub-domains did not, and I would use redirection like .tk to make my site seem likea real domain, but my site did nt get indexed at all. With .tk my site on google would never get indexed. i waited months and nothing, now with my sub-domain my site was indexed in google in under a wekk. I was exstatic to see that and now look forward to host my site under the .trap17 domain name. Now sub-doamins will neevr be as good as real domain names, dont get me wrong, nothing will ever and i mean ever beat the feeling and realization of haing your own domain name, but a sub-domain name is a good start! So if you ar under .trap17.com you could go and get a redirectio service and you could get indexed, but you have a better bet to get indexed by any search engine, not just google and yahoo faster. What i'm going to do is try and get a lot of memebrs to my site on the .tra17.com sub-doamin, and if it does goog then I will go and buy a real domain and still host it on Xisto!

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