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Longbows - Belive It Or Not

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Here is some interesting longbow information from English Longbowman 1330 - 1515 by Clive Bartlett, Osprey 1995:

Not until the 16th century was it commonly referred to as a longbow. It was just a bow, or, more specifically, a livery bow. Livery because it was issued to recruits along with clothing and other accoutrements. Even when he brought his own, the retained or levied archer had to use the one issued.
Yew was the best timber for bows. England imported it from Europe because the native wood was not well regarded. Spain was the principle supplier until the Spaniards destroyed their yew stocks during the English-Spanish wars of the 14th century. Thereafter Venice took over. English yew stave purchasers lived in Venice to handle the business and to inspect the product, which was evidently very thorough process.

Lead or steel headed mallets were for a time the melee weapons of choice among some archers, being equally useful for setting up defensive stakes or braining the enemy.

Longbow archers were often mounted while campaigning.

Bowyers were retained along with the archers and received the same pay.

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