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Photoshop Cs2 Plugin Request canvas rotation plugin

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hi i've been using adobe photoshop for many years now and i'm rather comfortable with it. its a brilliant program, we all know that, but there are always small things which can make it a whole lot better. what i'd like to improve is how the canvas (workspace) is static, as in you can't rotate it at all. if i'm wrong, and there is a way to rotate the canvas without rotating the image itself, please tell me how this is done.the reason i mention this is because i use a wacom intuos 3 tablet and i prefer drawing at different angles by moving the canvas around. this can be done in another program by the name of 'open canvas' and is extremely useful. if photoshop could do the same, i wouldn't even bother with open canvas, although it still has some advantages for tablet users.if anybody knows of a plugin or method which will allow me to rotate the canvas freely (in open canvas you hold alt and drag the mouse around which swivels the canvas accordingly) please reply. i appreciate any help.

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This function is not built-in in neither cs2 and as far as I know neither cs3 (but in the next release it will be implemented for sure :P). I use a tablet too but I think I can cope up with not rotating the tablet, even though it IS quite valuable in some cases.


Searching google I found this extract (adobe.com) :

--Open an image in Phtooshop.--Select a set of Actions in the Actions palette or create a new set.
--Click the New Action button.
--Name the Action as desired, assign an F-key combinition (if desired), and click Record.
--In the Layers palette, double-click the layer name "Background" and rename the layer.
--Image> Canvas Size. Set the unit of measure to Percent, enter 167 in both the Width and Height fields, click OK.
--Edit> Transform> Rotate. Position the cursor outside the bounding box and rotate the amount you expect to use most often, then press the Enter/Return key on your keyboard.
--Click the Stop button at the bottom of the Actions palette.
--In the Actions palette, click in the second column (the modal control column) next to the Transform step.
When you run the Action, it will pause with the transformation bounding box active. You drag the cursor to rotate, then press the Enter/Return key on the keyboard to continue editing.

Best regards,
Pete Bauer
Help Desk Director
National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP)

even though I cannot really see the help offered through this idea ;p

The only final advice I can give you is to switch between opencanvas (or better Painter which has had this feature for a long long time) and photoshop...

It isn't much helpful but it's the only easy solution right now. Oh and abandoning photoshop is a solution but I wouldn't count on it.
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oh snap lol. i was reading through that forum just before, it seems they're making up a lot of excuses for not having the canvas rotation in their cs3 build. a lot of people are disappointed... including me -.- the other canvas rotation method stated above eats away details each time you use it as it rotates the image, rasterizes it and rotates it back. this will slightly change pixel structure each time the action is performed.on the topic of canvas rotation, adobe are saying the feature is too intensive on computer graphics hardware and cpus. painter uses software rendering, it didn't even lag on my ancient 600mhz celeron. they've had this feature for many years too. i don't see any reason why adobe didn't implement this feature in cs3. big let down imo.

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