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Whats your favorite strategy game? Tell me our opinions about what strategy games offer.

All time favorite is AoE and Ceaser IV, rate it, how is it..


The only game I know I want is Europa Univeralis III. It's been a long time since EU2 came out, and I still play that on occasion. It's due out at the end of January.

EU2 was complicated for lots of people. You can play it many times and learn something new each time. Ton and Tons of replay value. So many countries to choose from, yet even picking the same country time after time can still be a very different game each time. The new EU3 is supposed to be easier to understand for newcomers, more intuitive, all the options "nested" instead of thrown at you. But it's still supposed to keep the depth of gameplay that I love


-Army wups *bottom* (big battles hundres or thounsnads of dead.)

-Empire building. (economy, science, religion, building and sutff.)

-Game play.

It has all of those things except you don't have battles like in MTW. The battles work themselves out as you play, no tactical battles. It could easily be a turn-based strategy like the Civilization and MTW games, but instead it's a Real-time Strategy (not at all like AOE3, but more like an empire board game) where days pass constantly and there's no "end turn" button. It's more realistic than those 2 games as well. Taking land and becoming a huge empire is no easy task. In MTW, once you get strong, there's nothing stopping you. In EU3, there's plenty of game mechanics that make being one of the big boys difficult.

There's no micromanagement like civilization and other turn-based games. Everything choice you make is pretty significant for how you progress. It's very in-depth. There isn't as much "building" (which is more micromanagement most of the time), but the economy, religion, diplomacy/relations are much more involving and the AI is much smarter and relentless. Even if you are much more powerful than another nation and able to take all their land if you wanted, the game mechanics make it so that there are plenty of reason to not just go and take over the nation. It could end up hurting you.


Age of Empires III (rate it. / How is it?)

Ceaser V (rate it / how is it.?)

I played AoE 2 a lot online. It was fun like all of those other RTS games like Command and Conquer, etc etc etc... but after a while, that gets old. It seems outdated to me. I think there are better games than that. I saw some very nice, realistic looking RTS games in that PC games thread.

I have Caesar III. It's a pretty good game. I like those kinds of games, like sim city and other city building/management games. I don't know what C5 adds to the game...

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I don't know what is my favorite fantasy games because i h have so much in my head right now that not one particular one can come out. But if i had to choose i'd pick W.O.W ( or would of war-craft) if you can that as a fantasy game something about TT game just comes out t me and playing it puts me in the zone, other than that i don really know what could b my favorite, because there are soma nay to choose from!

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