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What Is A Fad?

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Disco music. Tie dye attire. Super Nintendo. Koosh balls. The aforementioned subjects, among many others, share a few common aspects despite their difference in matter composition and intended use: all of them are at least remotely familiar, all of them were well-known at one point, and all of them have become relatively popular in a short amount of time and lost their appeal at a similar pace. When this is the case, it normally means its success is a fluke. Referred to as fads, they have captivated people around the world and have become forgotten altogether in what seemed like a matter of seconds. Many fads are a result of oddities, usually from unique qualities emitted from the specific object. Whether it be attainable items, the latest music, newly established slang, or even a form of conduct, these short-lived trends have come and gone without any initial warning. Trends typically meet their demise through redundancy; if everybody buys into them almost simultaneously, then their quick decline is destined as they are seen as common and dull. But even if this is not the case, then newer and more appealing innovations may detract from people?s interests. After all, the majority tends to conform with what is freshly new in order to expand their horizons. There are generally two classifications fads can be categorized into: those that become antiques, and those that become practically forgotten. The nature behind whether a craze develops into an antique or an obsolete item is quite different in terms of the path it takes to success and its drop in popularity. Trends that become antiques often possess a more original quality, saving room for evolution in the future. When something is regarded as a classic, it is more likely to achieve a somewhat timeless value. An example of such value is the retro videogame Pong; considered one of the first of its kind, it has ultimately gone out of fashion but still stands as an impressive piece of modernization. Those that become ?erased from the maps? on the other hand experience dramatic downfalls that never recover. A lot like summer flings, they are mere novelties that were fun to have around without a special spot on the shelf. These are the fads that can be identified as flukes, as mentioned earlier. Such an example may very well be the infamous pet rock, which only lasted around six months in the 1970s. Each and every era has its own fads. It is up to time to reveal whether they will be at least remembered, or treasured as a timeless antique that will have a place in the history books.

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