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Hey i have a HLTV server and i want to make a movie for my clan. So here is my question, How do you do it? I mean i know how to record on it and stop but after that i am completly clueless. Please help me. Thank you very much.

You can record a movie with a software like Fraps

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I can give you a quick guide about creation of a cs movie (step-by-step procedure so to say).1.You connect your hltv to the server and record all the matches you need for the movie.2.You download Fraps and then record all the good fragments into video files from the demos recorded in the previous step.3. You get something something like Sony Foundry Vegas, Adobe Premier or any similar software and edit the movie.4. When you export your project, you can download some encoder (as an ex. DiVX Encoder) and compress your movie according to the quality and needs requirements.

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Here is an extended guide about creation of a cs movie (step-by-step procedure so to say) - based on the very short guide by metr4 (above).


1.Connect to your hltv-server.

- To start recording, open console and write "record nameofrecording"

- To stop the recording, open console again and write "stop"


When you are just doing the steps above you may want to change the HUD a little, and make the sound quality better (it just makes noises normally). These are both scripts which you can ad in your "userconfig.cfg" file in your "hltv" or "cstrike" folder. Or you may want to ad them in the server config. (copy inside code tags, and paste in config file).



This script removes the radar, chat, and makes the screen ready for proffessional recording.

sv_cheats 1hud_draw 0hideradarhud_saytext 0


The sound quality of the voice communication is normally bad in CS, this script makes the quality much better.

sv_voicecodec "voice_speex"sv_voicequality "5"

2.The second step is to turn your recording into video.

- Download a program or anything to do the job.:

- Fraps: this programme makes a movie right out of the demo, downloadpage here.

- cs console: go to the last step in the fraps guide beneath adn write "startmovie framespersecon" this makes alot of pictures which have to be imported into a videoprogram and exported as video (not to recomend for unexperienced users).


In my example I will use Fraps, since it is the most popular with gamers.


- First download Fraps, here


- Install Fraps, just follow the steps.


- Register Fraps if you want an extended version with better and more options, really cheap too .


- Open Fraps. Here you have four categories: General, FPS, Movies & Screenshots. You should adjust some of the optiong:

- General: None of the options here has anything to do with recording, so you'll figure this out yourself.

- FPS: Here you have something called overlay, this shows the FPS when you are recording, and you can choose which corner to show it and more. You can also choose to show all the FPS info in the recording, but this is not to recomend.

- Movies: Here you find some importand options:

- "Choose the folder to save movies in": make shure that you have ALOT of space in this folder. I would change this to: "****\Fraps\Movies".

- "Video Capture Hotkey": this is the key you push to start to record a movie.

- "fps": this I will recomend to put as high as your computer manage to record without lagg. Without registration, 30 fps is max.

- "no cursor": I would check this since cs gets a bug sometimes which show the cursor on the screen.

- Screenshots: Here you also find some great options:

- "save in": I will recomend to change to: "****\Fraps\Screenshots" This way you don't get the video and the screenshots in the same folder.

- "Repeat screen capture every..": This is actually a cool feature, because you can use it to make a "fast runtrough" Changing this to 1 lets you make one minute become 2 second of film.

- "Format": here I would recomend "JPG" for most people, but for this you have to register, "BNP" is standard.


- When you are finished setting the options, you open cs, goes into console and write: "viewdemo nameofrecording". This opens the recording and also gives you play controls. When you come to a part you want to record, press "record hotkey" and press again to stop when you have the clip.


- Now your clips are saved in "****\Fraps\Movies" in .AVI-format.

3.& 4. The third and fourth step is to edit the movie and to convert it into the codec you want to use:


- Here you'll either google and download a free program, or you buy a program as Avid Express or Adobe Premier Pro.

- I will not write any guide on this part, here it's up to your emagination.


Resources & links:


Download Fraps here



This Guide is written and is copyrighted by/to Daniel Ervik. If you want to use it you MUST copy the following quoted tag, and copy it at the start og the guide.

Author: Daniel Ervik

Written: 27.04.07

Š Copyrighted Daniel Ervik

Edited by lihuyt (see edit history)

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Updated hltv Guide & more @ http://www.danielervik.com/Hltv HelpI am now making on updated guides which will be posted on my website http://www.danielervik.com/; (des. 2008)

You can also check out my Blog to see how I am doing @ daervik.110mb.Com/blog

During winter 2008 it will be all up, and at the website you can alo request guides on different topics.

Love to All

Daniel Ervik

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