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How Do I Stream Videos On My Site With Macromedia Flash 8?

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Okay, I have the program Marcomedia 8 which is pretty cool, but is still very confusing for me. I don't know much on it at all and I was wondering how to create a flash player like sites such as Youtube, Google, Spikedhumor, and etc. Basicly I want a way where I can stream my videos on my site with my own player, that doesn't have the name Youtube, and such on it. Also, if I change it, the school will be able to view it since its not blocked. I want my flash player to have play, pause, volume, durations, etc. I tried playing around with Marcomedia Flash 8 and it has a option where you could stream your own videos, but I don't understand it. It said some things about a Flash Video Streaming Service, but the program they offer is $4,500! They have a demo that is everying in it, but its limited to 10 users and a time viewing it. I wanted a program that I have already such as marcomedia flash 8 to do it for me. I managed to get a example while trying to get a streaming video file at: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/

If someone could give me a full tutorial on how to create a flash player as described, please direct me to an appropriate place or speak to me directly. Thanks!

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Don't know much about it But here are a few sites that could help in setting up video streaming and what not.


Google word combination

"how to stream videos through flash"


I highly recommend this site since It gives a better breakdown on how to set it up




Also make sure to check out macromedia's website out they should have how-to's on setting up streaming video's .

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