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Windows Media Player Plugins For Opera

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Download :


To use the Windows Media Player (WMP) plugin with Opera, you need Opera version 6.0 or newer, and a recent version of WMP (6.4 or newer is recommended).


You can download Windows Media Player Netscape plugin installer from Microsoft.


Click Here for Download


It will automatically place the plugin file in your Opera plugins directory.


How to use :


You can confirm that it has been installed correctly by looking for the file npdsplay.dll in your Opera's plugin directory. The default path is:


C:\Program Files\Opera\Program\Plugins


Once npdsplay.dll is copied to this directory, you have to restart Opera.


How to Place Plugin :


If you have WMP installed, you can also find the plugin file in the default installation directory:


C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player


The files that need to be copied are:








You can copy these files to your Opera plugin directory yourself and restart Opera to make Opera aware of the new plugin.

Notice from jlhaslip:
http://www.opera.com/ help

Another cut and paste. Read the Xisto readme file.

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Mmmh with Opera I never had any problems getting extentions to work normally. But I switched back to Firefox because Opera has some really irritating website bugs on some places on the internet.

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