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Taking Care Of Business, Gangsta Style... Gangs of London

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It?s been a year since I purchased my PSP and I have yet to see a good new third person shooter and first person shooter on this handheld. I said ?new? back there because one might say GTA was it, but it was just too similar to the PC version and frankly I would rather have a keyboard and mouse to play GTA any day.


Gangs of London, starts off with an impressive start video that depicts the various groups in London, usually divided according to ethnicity. When the game starts you have to choose a group you would like to play, after which begins some very, very bad and stereotypical voice acting. For example, the Chinese speak like Elmer Fudd missing their ?R? and the Indians speak like Apu from The Simpsons.


Now getting down to the missions; any gang you choose has a set of missions. The problem with that is the game doesn?t go forward unless all the missions are completed. This can be a pain because the missions themselves and the gameplay included are drab and repetitive. Aiming is difficult and even in easy mode you will end up dead more than once. The driving in the game is also annoying because the cars are unresponsivePosted Image

and often don?t do what you would expect them to do. Another annoying thing about the missions is you cannot steal weapons. For example, I was trying to complete an infiltration mission for the Chinese, and I got caught, the weapon that was assigned to me was some melee weapon and with great difficulty I did manage to kill the gangster, after which I was left only with my melee weapon and not his automatic rifle. In some missions you are given a pistol where a rifle would be more useful. Even the games in the free roam mode are well, ?rubbish? as the Brits would say. But not everything is bad in this game.



The saving grace of the game is pub games, yep, the game has a pub where you can hang out, play darts, skittles (a form of bowling), pool UK and US style and an arcade video game called The Getaway (read snake on steroids). I enjoyed every one of these games and spend most of my free time playing these.


If you are planning to buy this game I would suggest wait for a friend to do so first so you can have a go at it and then decide for you self. As for me I think I would pick it up only for the pub games which even lets you play 2 physical players at once.

Posted Image

Gangs of London

Rating: 1.5/5

Distributor: Milestone Interactive

Publisher: Sony

Price: Rs 2499

Platform: PSPPosted Image


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It an amazing game. I just got it for my psp and must say it is a very impressive game. There is so much stuff you can do in it. It just gets more exciting. It just makes you wanna keep playing and playing it. I hope they make a number 2 because i think it would do really well after this one did well.

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