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Fantastico Difficulties Mysql or fantastico problems ???

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Yes,even frantastico ain't working and my AMFR forum hosting system is down. Please get it fixed!

I just used the fantastico to add a script, no problems.
check it out
So, it doesn't look like a system problem. I suspect there may be something about your new account which is creating the difficulties.
I suggest you submit a request to support@Xisto.com or wait for an admin to see this Topic. Might be something to do with the recent Server changes and the timing of your account installation.

What's an "AMFR forum"? I don't see any script by that name.

Furthermore, your description of the problem is sadly lacking any details which might make assistance difficult. Are you getting a mysql error? Were you able to access the main page of the Forum? Was the URL correct? Too many options for diagnosing what the problem could be. Please supply an error message or describe what exactly is or isn't happening.

Notice from jlhaslip:
Hi-jacked thread. Split to its own Topic.

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