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Gmail inviters and spoolers abound on the Internet, such as here, and here. I'm not especially planning to make yet another Gmail inviter, but I'm trying to set up a site that works like a gmail spooler, but that will distribute links for the free icon/Free Delivery sets at IconBuffet.com. Does anyone know of any ready-made scripts that does this?

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I don't think you will get any pre-written scripts for things like this. The GMail ones worked becuase the emails always followed the same format, so they knew where to pick the registration link from. As far as I know, IconBuffet don't email you to say you have a free icon set, the only way to get it is by logging in and downloading it. You would have to write a pretty complex script that could login, find the link, see if you already have that set, and if you don't, download it.


I suppose I should warn you of IconBuffet's terms of service:

While our Free Delivery icons are made available for no charge, they are protected by copyright. We simply ask that you not resell or redistribute the icons on their own. They're free, and they should stay that way.


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