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Transfer Failed.

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I use Smart FTP, and I can't seem to transfer files. Everytime I try, it just fails. Here's a log:

[21:27:04]Remote file exist check: "index.html".

[21:27:04] TYPE I

[21:27:04] 200 TYPE is now 8-bit binary

[21:27:04] SIZE index.html

[21:27:04] 213 10830

[21:27:04] MDTM index.html

[21:27:04] 213 20040909060935

[21:27:04] No rule matched. Default Action="Ask".

[21:27:05] PORT 24,61,73,215,8,68

[21:27:05] 200 PORT command successful

[21:27:05] STOR index.html

[21:27:05] 553 Rename/move failure: Read-only file system

[21:27:05] MDTM 20060831042008 index.html

[21:27:05] 550 Can't check for file existence

[21:27:05] TYPE A

[21:27:05] 200 TYPE is now ASCII

[21:27:05] PORT 24,61,73,215,8,70

[21:27:05] 200 PORT command successful

[21:27:05] MLSD

[21:27:06] 150 Connecting to port 5017

[21:27:06] 1960 bytes transferred. (127 KB/s) (15 ms)

[21:27:06] 226-Options: -a -l

[21:27:06] 226 17 matches total

[21:27:06] Transfer failed.

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As announced earlier via the shoutbox, the Server Techs, Opaque and Buffalohelp are currently working on this problem.Any Posts beyond this point will be considered as SPAM and deleted.

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