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Haha. Let's See Who Remembers O: Heh

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To address the title, first off
It would have been referring to this thread : http://forums.xisto.com/topic/40261-any-chance-of-online-internet-relationship-the-possible-success-rate/
Which I posted... A few months ago
Basically, the thread asked for opinions from all you lovely people as to whether or not you thought my relationship had any chance of actually working out.

Guess what
..Well, I suppose telling you all to "Guess" is pretty stupid considering this new, revised thread is, afterall, being posted in the "Infidelity and Breakups" forum :lol:
But yeah
It didn't do that whole working out thing
She left me
Just over a week ago... Sorry for so many pauses and new lines XD Just the way I've started typing, habbit.

Anyway, so yeah
She left me. She told me she didn't see the relationship going anywhere and it wasn't working for her anymore. (Original, huh? O:)

I hate it though, really...
I was with her for over a year. With her for... 15 months or so. I'm really, really not used to being single. And even more not used to being able to look at, touch, kiss, and have sex with other girls...
...Not that I've had sex with other girls, it has only been a week :(
And the whole me-still-being-a-virgin thing kinda makes casual sex with a random girl a less appealing option.

The depression though... Which there has been some...
But it's been going in the wrong direction D:
Correct me if I'm wrong... But my logic tells me that at the time the depression-causing event happens, the depression should be greatest... Like an explosion. The moment the explosion happens is the most intense moment, and then it slowly dissipates afterwards.

I was... actually pretty much find the day she left me... Sure, I cried a bit. I was moderately crushed, as would be expected. But I got on with my life... UNtil the next day
The day after that, I felt a little worse. A feeling I hadn't had the day before.
And y'know, it's been steadily getting worse.
I think it might just be me individually realizing every different aspect of my life I lost (Which there were alot of) and everything that somehow reminds me of her that I want to avoid participation in now. The problem might be that each different thing is hitting me individually, and not all at once (As I'd much rather... One big boom of depression is ebtter than it being stretched out over months)

Now... There are a few things I realize, in posting this.

First off, I know I'm definitely not suffering the most here. I know many of you have probably lost relationships alot longer than 15 months. And I know that they were probably not internet based. And I know they were probably not crappy and doomed to fail from the start except for your dillusions thinking it could work.
I also know that she didn't cheat on me, she could have, and if she had, it would have been worse. I also realize many of you probably were cheated on D:

So I'm not meaning to try and make it seem like I'm worst off and deserve all the attention...
I don't really
I'm not looking for pity all that much.

I am interested in all of your guys's general opinions on the subjects though.
((I'm kinda hoping for opinions that don't involve "Online relationships always fail, you idiot, and you were stupid for trying to make one work"... cause that opinion will make me want to hit you with a metal chair))

I'd also answer any questions... If anyone is wondering something specific

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hey man, sorry to hear about that. ive been with my girlfriend for about the same amount of time, and a little while back we broke up for a while, and i know what you mean about the depression. the way i see it is it takes a while for it to build up, or for the reality to really sink in. ive done the whole online-dating thing, and its never worked out for me. in fact a girl i was dating online/phone commited suicide while i was dating her, kind of a shocker. anyways, i guess what im saying is, live your life however you need to, have a good time, and dont worry about 'finding the one' because youll find her when you least expect tooh and ps, dont try to not expect it, just dont expect it :lol:

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Hey man, cheer up... I kinda know where u r right now and how u feel I'm actually going through a breackup my self, so I understand exactly what u mean by the depression steadily getting worse...So look... there is no way to make the pain go away or to forget about it or to just get over it by saying some magic word or taking a magic pill... or smoking a magic pipe... hhhhmm that got me thinking... Anyway... there are a few things u must keep in mind.1. U r a good person and will find someone when the time comes.2. a few years from now when u r happily married and have kids this will look rather funny (the way u feel right now).3. Not a single person in the history of man kind has died from love it self (I'm quite sure) and tehre is no reason for you to start.So... know that it will hurt for a while, but then it will go away, trust me it will (I like to think it will since I'm feeling it too)... and u know what?? f**ck it man... enjoy life, get out more, do the activities u enjoy and look at the world around u, it has not stopped moving, people have not stopped living their lives and there is no reason for you to do it either...Cheer up bro!!!... it will pass!!

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Hey,Yeah it sucks that things didn't work out for you and her but the way you seem to be taking it isn't too bad. The fact that you don't just jump to another girl after a week is a good sign. I know that my ex who was quite the clingly girl would jump from one boy to the other. Not because of sexual reasons just because she hated to be alone. Yet she would be the other who would want to break it off. Yeah it sucks that (at least in my view) she seemes to see the dating 'game' as a trial and error sort of thing. You seem to be a little more advanced than that which is a good thing. I'm sure that later on you will find someone who has the same views and be happily married to someone who loves you back :P. Just keep it in the there, and even though being single is a little strange after 15 months that doesn't mean its a bad thing. Some things happen, some things don't. Good luck in life, hang loose man.Jester

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People honestly believe that someone leaving them is the end of there exsistance. How many people out there do you know that have moved on to find someone else after a breakup. You have had something taken off you that you didnt want taken. Thats all it is.

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