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Having Html Troubles...... Please help

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I'm having troubles with the background colours on the HTML pages on my site keri-j.trap17.com Basically, the colors are hex codes and i'm no HTML n00b, god no! But, I just can't figure this one out!

I have the background colour in the body tag (duh) "<body bgcolor=00CCFF>" on all my pages but on some of them the background is white. This might be to do with some javascript i have recently edited in each page or certain errors but whatever it is i can't figure it out!

This is my homepage with the correct background color

This is my poetry page with the faulty colour codes?

Looking through the source code may help, although i can't figure it out!

Help would be greatly appriciated!



Issue resolved. Twas a stupid error in attempt to conform to XHTML, Exhstensible[sp] Hyper Text Mark-up Language. I would say thanks for the helpful replies..... but I got none, the issue was resolved nethertheless though, feel free to visit my site in it's newfound glory!


Notice from truefusion:
Closing topic. Problem solved.
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