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Brandon Smith

Tiger Evolution Clan By Timegamer ---Runescape Clan---

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Tiger Evolution ClanBy TimegamerWelcomeI like to welcome you to my runescape clan. Here I will be setting up for you lots of things of whichyou can do. This is a very trusting and good community. We will hold contest, games, parties, and more!This will be a community that you will love. We have very good hours at your pace. I am accepting any levels! I am willing to train all I can!Community - GeneralIn general the community is a nice place to go to. We will have a website and soon a forum at whichyou may post and look at during your time as a tiger express clan member.Community - Games/Contest/PartiesEvery now and then we will have something fun to do runescape related. Like runescape partiesor something like that. This is something that you will have fun at.Tiger Express Clan FormPlease fill this out by copy past and then fill in the blanks* = Requiered*Clan Password is something you need to access the clan base*Username*:E-mail:Clan Password*:Skills and Level*:Password Recovery Question:Tiger Express Clan SchoolYou will need to take the following class to learn about the following jobs.Must take class 1 before class 2.KEY(PC1) = Protector Class 1 Requiered(PC2) = Protector Class 2 Requiered(AC1) = Attacker Class 1 Requiered(AC2) = Attacker Class 2 Requiered(DC1) = Defender Class 1 Requiered(DC2) = Defender Class 2 Requiered(CC1) = Chef Class 1 Requiered(CC2) = Chef Class 2 RequieredCLASS~~~~~-Protector Class 1- Cost: 40 gp-Protector Class 2- Cost: 110 gp-Attacker Class 1- Cost: 70 gp-Attacker Class 2- Cost: 100 gp-Defender Class 1- Cost: 60 gp-Defender Class 2- Cost: 110 gp-Chef Class 1- Cost: 80 gp-Chef Class 2- Cost: 110 gpTiger Express Clan Uniform and JobsNOTE ON UNIFORMS: Uniform not supported must pay own uniform-CATEGORY-~~~~~~~~~~-Protector-Description: Someone who protects the leader at all costJob: Prison GuardPay: 20 gp a dayUniform: All Orange on clothingJob: GuardPay: 40 gp a dayUniform: Must where some armorJob: Almighty GuardPay: 100 gp a dayUniform: Must where full armor that is at least mith.-Attacker-Description: Someone who attackes people in wild or in clan wars at leaders requestJob: Weak AttackerPay: 50 gp a dayUniform: NoneJob: Wild AttackerPay: 80 gp a dayUniform: NoneJob: Strong AttackerPay: 120 gp a dayUniform: None-Defender-Description: Someone who protects the leader during clan battleJob: Weak DefenderPay: 45 gp a dayUniform: All blue on clothing (may have armor instead)Job: Clan Defender 1Pay: 70 gp a dayUniform: All blue on clothing (may have amor instead but armor has to be at least steel)Job: Clan Defender 2Pay: 100 gp a dayUniform: All green/red on clothing (may have armor instead but armor has to be at least mith)-Chef-Description: Someone who cooks food for themself and other clan membersJob: New ChefPay: 50 gp a dayUniform: Apron (white only)Job: Head ChefPay: 100 gp a dayUniform: Apron (brown only)If you rather email me instead of posting on here you can by this email belowDragon42792@wmconnect.com

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