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Ragnarok Reborn Fun Free MMORPG

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Ragnarok Reborn

Private Ragnarok Online Server

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Website: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/

Rates: 2500x/2500x/100x

Max Level: 500/200

Max Stats: 400

Server Location: United States (Texas)

Server Emulator: eAthena SVN 8595 SQL Updated


Server Specs:

Dual Intel Xeon

2.8 GHZ Processer

100 MBit LAN

2 GB Of DDR Ram


Server Uptime: 24/7




Stat/Skill Resetter


Card Remover


Universal Rental Npc

MVP Warper

Warp Agent

Homunculus Expert


God Item/Armor Set Quests




Information NPC


Information NPC

Treasure Hunt

EP Exchanger

Donation Girl



Reborn Field and Caves

Modified Gunslinger/Ninja Weapons

Custom Wings/Headgears

Modified Items/Skills to help balance PVP

EP System

PVP Ranking System



Player Commands:











Duel Commands

Mail Commands


WOE Schedule:

Monday from 6PM to 7PM

Wednsday from 9AM to 10AM

Saturday from 12AM to 2PM

(Times subject to change.)


GM Staff:

Maku - Administrator

XFire - Chief GM

Figg - Lead Developer

Seirei - Support GM

Gaav - Event GM



_M/_F Registration + Control Panel




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Is this a gaming server? I really don't know what you are advertising :) A message to Xisto staff: Where are your servers located? Which country? I'm just curious.

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