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Im Back An' In Green (and Some Black)

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Hey all!

Some of you might remember me as M.A.S.T.E.R. or GoldXeta.

I work for IPBGaming (sort of, I have not been entirely active there recently =/)

as an Admin, game (non web based) designer/programmer/ and graphics

designer (mainly icons and pixel art :D).


I am a MAJOR RPG fan, I play hundreds of RPGs, and a lot of shooters and

action/adventure games too.


I also know quite a bit of coding.

Of course HTML, a little bit of PHP, then comes application programming,

VB6, Lingoscript (Macromedia Director 9), and a (LITTLE) bit of Java.


Im NilsC and Klass' biggest fan (are they still around Xisto :D ).


And im a SMF and IPB addict :D

- iXeta. (a.k.a.: M.A.S.T.E.R., redrager12, tadpole97, GoldXeta, GoldSyth, and Xeta (iXeta))

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iXeta,Good to see you again! You really kicked my butt on Age II :D How are you? Nils and Klass are both concentrating on IPBGaming and they visit Xisto once in a while. We're currently in the middle of SOTW #50 designing logo(s) for Xisto - Web Hosting Domain service. Perhaps you can enter and show your design works. Welcome back!

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Hey Buffalo!Wow, you got a shiny title now :D nice!Congrats on administer.My Graphics has gotten better.... a bit... but I'm sure I would be no matchfor S-M and a lot of the other people here :DAnd after Age II I sort of..... stopped playing AS xD lol.I just do odd jobs for Klass of like icons and stuff... I'm not sure whythey keep me admin at IPBGaming. I'm rarely there so I am not of much helplol. But im back.... hosting :D must have hosting :D Im gonna setupa network for my friends :D forum ect heheh.But yes, very good to see you again! (talk to you... whatever -.-)Cya 'round Buffalo!-iXeta

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