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Funny Short .wav Sounds Very entertaining

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I have found some wav sounds, some of em made by me, but I will not say which ones are.

They are random things, such as the lemon song which goes:

Everybody loves lemons

Doop Da Doop De Doop

They are sweet and sour

Doop de doop de doop

If you dont like lemons then come see me and Ill sort u out with a great big beating


Everybody loves lemons.... YEH!

Here is the link to dowload them as a ZIP file, if you dont have an unzipper watch this space, I will add links for them as .wav files... only on request though!


Mirror 1

Mirror 2

Mirror 3

Mirror 4

If you have any funny wav sounds, PM me them, or if you have a microphone bring up sound recorder and start playing! Then of course send it in via PM!

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Fruit Melody (lolz)Funny Short .wav Sounds

Fruit Melody

People today, apples tomorow,

I sit in dispare, with my sister's sorow

Pinaple chewy, grape flavouring

The juicy water, so bitterly intimidating,

Coconut shreds, flaky, shredy,

Tangorines, make me feel sweaty.

All these, no better then a glass of Diesel


Pop goes the weesle.

Althea Thoon

-reply by Althea

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