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Control Parts Of Msn Through Mirc

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Control your MSN, or return various information such as nickname, status, etc..

Usage: $msn(valuetype)


Valuetypes : returnvalue

online : $true or $false indicating wheter your signed in or not (actually $true indicates status but was added to have an independent online checker)

status : returns the status of MSN (Busy,Online,Invisible etc)

nickname : your nickname

email : your email


ie. //echo -a $msn(nickname) will return ur msn nickname.


user [ added syntax $msn(user,method,N,command) ] : $true when succesful $false when not



Blocked [returns a boolean for weather you have the contact blocked]

CanPage [returns a boolean for weather the contact can recieve pager messages]

FriendlyName [returns the contacts friendly name]

IsSelf [reutns a boolean for weather the contact is the local user]

PhoneNumber [returns the phone number of the MPHONE_TYPE specified]

ServiceId [returns the contacts service id, this will be {9b017612-c9f1-11d2-8d9f-0000f875c541}]

ServiceName [returns the name of the service the contact is using, this will be .NET Messenger Service]

SigninName [returns the signin name of the contact, this will be an email]

Status [returns the contacts status as MISTATUS]



you can specify a command to perform on the Nth address in your msn.

use 0 to get the total ammount of contacts in which case total command paremeter is ignored

or -1 to perform on all your contacts


Command if command isnt specified echo -a <m> is assumed.

ie $msn(user,SigninName,2,echo -a <m> stinks!)

<m> will hold the email address or whatever else you specified as method


Other Commands

/msn -l <email address> [password]

Sign in to Msn Messenger dialog ( password might be omited by the messengerAPI)

/msn -c

sign out to Msn Messenger

/msn <email address>

Opens a chat window to the person

/msn -a

Opens the Add a Contact wizzard if a email is specified it will go to the 2nd page with the specified email filled in

/msn -i

Opens your inbox

/msn -o

Opens the MSN Messengers Options Dialog



alias  msn {  .comopen msn Messenger.UIAutomation  if ($comerr) { return $false }  if $isid {	if ($1 == user) {	  .comclose msn $com(msn,MyContacts,3,dispatch* items)	  if $com(items) {		var %t = $com(items,Count,3) , %t2 = $com(items).result , %t3 = 1 , %c = $4		if (!%c) { %c = echo -a <m> }		if ($3 == 0) { .comclose items | return %t2 }		if ($3 == -1) {		  while (%t3 <= %t2) {			var %x = $comval(items,%t3,$2)			$($replace(%c,<m>,%x),2)			inc %t3		  }		}		elseif $3 <= %t2 { var %x = $comval(items,$3,$2) | $($replace(%c,<m>,%x),2) }		.comclose items		halt	  }	  else { return $false }	}	if ($1 == status)  || ($1 == online) {	  var %t2 = $com(msn,MyStatus,3) , %t = $com(msn).result , $&		%return = $iif($v1 == status || %t != 1,$replacex(%t,10,Busy,66,Out For Lunch,0,unknown,14,Be Right Back,18,Away,1,Offline,2,Online,6,Invisible,34,Away,50,On The Phone),$false)	}	if ($1 == nickname) { var %t = $com(msn,MyFriendlyName,3) , %return = $com(msn).result }	if ($1 == email) { var %t = $com(msn,MySigninName,3) , %return = $com(msn).result }	.comclose msn	return %return  }  if (*@* iswm $1) { var %t = $com(msn,InstantMessage,1,bstr,$1) }  if (-a == $1) { var %t = $com(msn,AddContact,1,uint,0,bstr,$2) }  if (-i == $1) { var %t = $com(msn,OpenInbox,1) }  if (-o == $1) { var %t = $com(msn,OptionsPages,1,uint,0,bstr,0) }  if (-l == $1) { var %t = $com(msn,Signin,1,uint,0,bstr,$2,bstr,$3) }  if (-c == $1) { var %t = $com(msn,Signout,1) }  .comclose msn}

Have fun with this!! :)

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if u dont know what mirc is then u shouldnt be worrying about this at all... was aimed at people with mirc thats y in the topic is says "through mirc"But just to let u know, mirc is an internet relay chat program in which u can code things to change the way your mirc operates and the things it can do....http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ for a download

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hey, thats mighty nifty there... ive seen something like that before, but since i dont really use msn that much, i dont really use it... ive really been interested in com objects, just to sorta see what can be done with them...maybe sometime you could show me the ropesits pretty cool seeing someone on here that uses mirc, what server/channel u usually on? and ur nick?

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Wow this seems really handy, I will give this a try and get back to you. Have you actually got it working yourself?

Yea i had it working before... its not really that much use though, just something to play around with :D

and wow another member from adelaide SA, where bouts in adel u from?? Pm me :D

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Pretty nice, even if it's not really much use for anything other than playing around. although im sure some people would have a good use for it.COM objects are one thing in mirc i never really learned how to use. The mirc commands themselves look easy enough, just never had experience with COM objects in general so i have no idea there

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