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Ok...another question...may sound stupid, but we're all stupid...how'd I be able to create an image link. Uh...let me rephrase this: If I were to create an "Enter" image and wanted people to click the image to enter to a certain page, how would I do it without some sort of the famous "Blue Line" around it? Any help would be greatly appreciated... :)

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There are no stupid questions here on the Forum if the purpose is to learn something new and useful.

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thanks dear jlhaslip and brandice and hh89 HTML is very important and all webmaster must learn htmlI have new question about linkingi want to make one div with link , for example user when click at div page link at another page !is it possible ?

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Using the code from above:

<a href="URL OF THE LINK"><img src="URL OF PICTURE" border="0"></a>

change the "URL OF THE LINK" to the page which you want to link to.

<html>< ... etcetera ... ><div><a href="http://your_ I_want_to_Link_to.html"><img src="URL OF PICTURE" border="0"></a></div>< ... etcetera ... ></html>

Change : "your_account.trap17" to "your actual subdomain at the trap

Change : "/folder/subfolder/page_ I_want_to_Link_to.html" to the path and file name of the actual file you which to go to.

(remove the quotation marks)

For a page named "test_page.html on my site in the "checking" folder, I would have a link like this:
<div><a href="http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ src="image.gif" border="0"></a></div>

Check out the following link for a good tutorial about 'anchor' or '<a>' tags: http://www.w3schools.com/

Hope this helps you.

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