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Stargate Sg1 Season 9 has been on for 4 weeks so far in Australia

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Well i am a MASSIVE fan of Stargate SG1 series and I think that Jack leaving SG1 was a bad idea at first but I guess they cant always keep same people on, and the guy who replaced him (cant remember his name) but I thought that Jack was so funny, the combination of him and Teal'c was a very funny mix, Teal'c being an alien at start and not knowing alot of Earth things, it was just very hilarious. Well I thought the sow would lose it's funny side with Jack gone but the new guy replaced him and is a funny guy to, well i guess its whats written in the script. But anyway the first episode (well actually 3) were good as it brang back one of my favourite characters, Vala, and the thing she has for Daniel is mega funny. But anyway I would love to see Vala join SG1 but I know it wont happen... Anyway be good to hear some comments on anything i've said or just Stargate in general..

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