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Crimson Daylight Ragnarok Online.

Join The Revolution...


+ Current Version :

Beta Testing 2.7

Storyline Chapter #001 - Sevenfold Du Ex Tyranny.

Running Modified eAthena SVN.


+ Introduction :

Crimson Daylight Ragnarok Online is a revolution in all standards of Ragnarok Online. It's a return to basic gameplay; with a new twist that will shake your very soul. With it's unique characteristics, Crimson Daylight is sure to change your perspective on Ragnarok Online Gamplay. It's more than just a game, it's a Revolution.


+ Rates :

Base Experience - 35.00x

Job Experience - 35.00x

Basic Drop Rate - 35.00x

Equipment Drop Rate - 15.00x

Card Drop Rate - 12.50x


+ Disclaimer :

Please don't make the foolish mistake of judging this server based upon it's experience rates, you'll soon come to find that there's something for everyone among the countless features and modifications within CDRO.


+ Website :


Main Site.




+ Uptime :

24/7 -- Except during maitenance and unexpected emergency.


+ War of Emperium :

Tuesday - 4:00 PM CST - 6:00 PM CST.

Thursday - 4:00 PM CST - 6:00 PM CST.

Saturday -2:00 PM CST - 4:00 PM CST.


+ The Administration :

J. V. Helfeather - Head Development, Administration.

Xosao - Website Management, Administration.

Darksilver - Server Hosting, Development, Administration.

Yukina - Chief Game Master.

Cha0s - Trial Game Master.


+ Features :

Get ready, here's where we hit the dirt and pan the gold, the features included in Crimson Daylight are the spine of it's revolutionary gameplay.


Transportation :

Currently, we use a few uniquely custom forms of transportation.


- Warper Checkpoints

Posted Image

When you first come upon a town, you gain a certain amount of experience for its discovery, and have the ability to use the magicks of Luna Scivus in Prontera to return to that destination... for a price.


There are also checkpoint near dungeon entrances that you must activate if you wish to speedily revisit them. They are posted at the entrance to almost every single dungeon, and the Warp Witch that delivers the service is in almost every town as well.


- The Airship - The Red Death

Our airship, The Red Death travels between the four major Airship Ports, making stops along the way at key destinations. To board, one must purchase a ticket from a vendor in an Airship Port and then board accordingly. As a bonus, individuals can earn Frequent Flyer Points for frequent travel in this manner, and use it accordingly...

Posted Image


Route :

Yuno Airship Port -> Alberta Airship Port -> Einbroch Airship Port -> Ayothaya Docks -> Lighthalzen Airship Port -> Jawaii (Drop-Off Only).


- The Three Ships

Through three different ships, players can ride to almost every coastal region around Rune-Midgard.


Posted Image


+ The C. S. Malevolence

+ The C. S. Epoch

+ The C. S. Daylight


Routes can be viewed with various information within the game.


- The Train Station

An instant train travels between Einbroch, Lutie, and Lighthalzen. Lighthalzen can only be accessed in this way if your character's Base Level exceeds at least 70.

Posted Image


- Gryphon

Gryphons are available between towns such as Payon, Amatsu, Alberta, Yuno, and Umbala. Though the cost is rather high, the ride is almost instant, and those under Level 15 are granted free access to this form of transportation.


- Warp Portal

An actual portal can be opened between Yuno, Geffen, and Izlude. This Portal is two-way, and stays open for a limited time, allowing access by large groups.


Races :

When beginning a character, you have the option of choosing which race you will become, and growing with that race accordingly.

Posted Image


There are ten unique races.

- Human.

- Elvish.

- Aegis.

- Leviathan.

- Half-Orc.

- Elementalist.

- Denizen.

- Neko.

- Arcane.

- Dwarvish.


More information on these can be provided in-game.


When you choose your race, your home town and faction are decided, and you are granted a soul item that is updated through promotions through gameplay. For example.


Dwarvish Soul Level I -

VIT + 5.

DEX + 5.

Max HP + 3%.

Character Gains 5% More Experience from Dragon-Type Monsters.

Allows use of Level 3 Haggle.


These Soul items can be updgraded later in the game, and gather even more bonuses.


Each race also has a custom Training Program...

Posted Image

.. and once completed, all races are taken to the city of Prontera.


Also, races have different applicable Trade Skills that can later be learned.


- Trade Skills

Trade Skills are ways that races can communicate with eachother through economic process and trade. The most common example of this, and one that can be done by almost every race, is Skinning and Tailoring.


Posted Image


Through Skinning, characters can kill beast-type monsters and receive materials from them that can be used for Tailoring.


Posted Image


Many other Trade Skills, such as Mining, Armor Crafting, Enchanting, Book Keeping, Scroll Creation, and Thievery are also underway.


- Gameplay Quests

Quests are handled very thuroughly in Crimson Daylight, here we examine every attribute of each quest to help gameplay progress.


Posted Image


Each quest is outlined to make sure the player knows it's objective, it's difficulty level, and the rewards offered through the quest.


- Other Features

There are hundreds of other unique features in Crimson Daylight that make gameplay experience a true treasure. Some of them include...

Treasure Chests, Grottoes, Custom Mobs, Custom Dungeons, Custom Towns, Special Gift Box Items, Automated Town Raids, A Premium Town, Premium Accounts and Commands, Wings, + Headgears, Hundreds of Custom Quests, Main Channel Chat, Interactive NPC's, Custom Metal Forging, Custom Job Quests, Thousands of Custom Items, and much, much more.


So come on, be a part of the Revolution. We're still in Beta and would love for you to come and help us test out this new way of Ragnarok Online gameplay.


Hoping to see you there! Installation instructions can be found on the Site or on the Forums.


+ Electrikk. - Development, Scripter.

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Well, your advertisement post is very well done, and it sounds like a fun server to play on. The old server I played on went down, but I've always wanted to play more. I might check it out soon. If I do, you'll be seeing the user jailbreakjohnny or doom, depending on which name I use. :)

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Sorry to double post, but I want to give this a bump. I've been playing in the server snice I made that last post (about a day and a half), and it really is an awesome place to be. So if you like Ragnarok, go to Crimson Daylight, seriously.

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