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Albus Dumbledore

How To Protect A Directory From Being Viewed without admin username and password

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Well i ran across this script awhile back, and i am tired of storing it on my computer, so i am going to post it here and whenever i need it i will come here and get it :) hopefully

Anyways, it is a verry simple process just copy and paste this

if (($user) && ($passwort))
# get url

$url = $DOCUMENT_ROOT . dirname($PHP_SELF) . "/.htpasswd";

# make .htaccess and .htpasswd

$htaccess_txt = "AuthType Basic" . "\n";
$htaccess_txt .= "AuthName \"protected area\"" . "\n";
$htaccess_txt .= "AuthUserFile $url" . "\n";
$htaccess_txt .= "require valid-user" . "\n";

$htpasswd_txt .= "$user:".crypt($passwort,CRYPT_STD_DES)."\n";

# save files

$htaccess= fopen(".htaccess", "w");
$htpasswd= fopen(".htpasswd", "w");

fputs($htaccess, $htaccess_txt);
fputs($htpasswd, $htpasswd_txt);

# output

die ("OK!<HR>" . nl2br($htaccess_txt) . "<HR>" . nl2br($htpasswd_txt));


<HTML><HEAD><TITLE> MAKE .htaccess + .htpasswd </TITLE></HEAD>
<p>Username: <INPUT TYPE="TEXT" NAME="user"></p>
<p>Passwort: <INPUT TYPE="TEXT" NAME="passwort"></p>
<p><INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="make"></p>

into Notepad, or your local HTML editor, and save it as password.php (or whatever you want lol)

then upload it to the directory you want to protect, for say your /image directory..

CHMOD it to 777

then go to http://ww38.yoursite.com/password.php and enter the admin username, and admin password then hit the submit button (or whatever the button is called)

then it shall be created! easy enough?

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I havent tried, but im sure its a good one..And also, for beginners, you can hide your directories by creating an empty (or full, what you want...) index.html file..But by a offline browser, professionals can figure out the directories. (and i guess, if u have no link to these file which u want to hide, they cant know.)

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but what if you want to protect multiple directories? does this apply to the subdirectories under the directory which the file is placed? i would probably use it for my hosting account here at trap...speaking of that... gonna get more points.... i'm running out of days, and i still don't have a connection at home. tsk. i don't know why my parents keep on restricting me when it comes to the internet.

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Cpanel has a built in function that allows you to set user passwords for each directory, if you want. It can also prevent someone viewing the contents of a directory without an index page.

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