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What Is Your Favourite All Time Mortal Kombat Game? Of all the games of Mortal Kombat which ones your all time favour

By your estimates the best Mortal Kombat Game ever.  

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Well I believe this is it for all of the Mortal Kombat games that were all made. I've played many of the games in here. The only ones I haven't played as of yet is Deception and Special forces. Never really got interested in those 2 games yet but the rest are all really worth checking out. :)


My favourite all time Mortal Kombat games are or were or still are:


Mortal Kombat 1, It was old for it's time but a lot of fun and really easy to get through. The graphics were just the beginning of one of the world's most newest and famous franchizes. I love playing this game at home and although the graphics on it are not what they used to be, it's still alot of fun playing it on my Plug-in and play thing at home.


Mortal Kombat 2, More characters and people could for the first time play as the shape-shifter Shang Tsung. Why choose to play as different characters by continuing when you can play as almost all the characters in one. The blood and gore had been upgraded to extremely violent. No storyline really just alot of blood and guts and a really pissed of cousin or Uncle of Goro (Kintaro) and you get to fight against a then unknown Shao Kahn who's death scene at the end of the game was okay but the death of Shang Tsung in the first game I think is still the best boss death of all the Mortal Kombat games.


Mortal Kombat Trilogy: Really fun game and each and every single character ever made all playable including the bosses of the past where back when they could only be played as using special codes but in here they're finally at the level of regular characters, play the game as Goro, Kintaro, Motaro or Shao Kahn, and actually have fun with these big boys. I always find getting through the game with the most fun because their attacks are far beyond the other characters and you could finish the game in no time at all. Only thing that sucks is that the bosses didn't have any finishing moves. But they weren't really needed since you already were playing as the most powerful characters in the game. :(


Mortal Kombat: Mythologies: Sub-Zero Fun game you only play as Sub-zero during the entire game but it had a nice little story in it somewhere. The only really good thing about this game is at the end it has bloopers on it. The only game of it's kind to actually have bloopers of the actors of this game forgetting their lines or just doing some very funny and histarical things. Who doesn't love bloopers? I love bloopers and only because of the bloopers I like this game.


So far those are my favourite Mortal Kombat games everyone, what's your favourite Mortal Kombat game(S)?


If I missed any Mortal Kombat games just vote in the "Other" Poll choice incase I missed any other Mortal Kombat games or ask the Mods to replace it with the game(S) I missed.

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I liked the original n64 mk trilogy because even the bosses could do fatalities while in the ps1 version you get more characters but, no boss or character com fatalities besides brutalities so it's like they took all the difficulty and fun out it!

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