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Northen Wings Runescape Clan for 60-77 lvls

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Northen wings runescape clan!


NWRC's site: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/

NWRC's forums: http://s9.zetaboards.com/NorthenWings_RS_clan/index/


We now want more members to start matches.


We have:

PK Trips

Pest control

Castle wars



oh yea i forgot to mention all you get at the wild is yours


No mate killing ofcourse.


Clan Food system

You get your own food or you buy your food from our clan fisher (currently none. PM in our foums if you want to become one)

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i am looking for a job in the runescape

Northen Wings Runescape Clan


I need a job bad I am a member but not good at making money here are my good stats

55 crafting

53 fishing

53 cooking and if you want to give me a wood cutting job my noobs account has

53 woodcutting.


This is my account liop207 and my noob account woody130000. Liop207 level 60 woody130000 level 6 =] so thank your for reading this I really need a job


-reply by crazyman

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i need to goin a clan

Northen Wings Runescape Clan









I have good armor and not afraid to pk with it


-question by davidawd

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Ill join I'm lvl 64 and going to be like 80+ by next week ill be your warlaord if you need one. =]-reply by dragonfeind

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Hey Does Anyone Want to join a Awsome Clan where We have pking trips and more its called Saradomin-flames

this is a non-member clan for 60-73 Enjoy:)


Click here for site


I am a lv 19 runescape member and have lv 36 wood cutting and need a clan and a job, but the post u made was only a lv 60-73 could join. if you hire me i would work as hard as i can and do as much as i can if you allow me to be in your clan and get paid 2.3k per 2 jobs and i will be happy to serve you and your accoplisses i will train and get better so i can help u more but i have black armor and have black weapons adn i am a high strength and att account and have lv 16 defense and have lasted 2 hours in the wild with out dieing and i know how to become rich if u have lv 20 dungeoneering and it ct only takes an hour to get 1m. Please consider my offer and i am not a member. i am a free member on runescape


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