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Rishi Soham : A Brief Introduction

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Rishi soham–the great sage of the modern age. ‘Rishi’ means sage, and meaning of ‘Soham’ is [so=that/he(God),ham=I] it is he who is I. We know, he is existing always in all of us–his devotees and disciples, though he is living out of sight , hardly he comes in public .Most of times his stays in Himalayas. Some times he lives incognito among with us. Even he do not wants to publish his photograph. We do not know what his age is. We see him as ever young. I am one of the lucky man who had seen him twice. As a man he is an extraordinary self- educated, science-conscious, generous, modern, spiritual guide an philosopher. Language ––Bengali (Indian). He has knowledge in fine arts, literature, yoga, meditation, art of healing, music and film making etc. Specialist in mental disease. Good adviser a book on his own philosophy will be published very soon. MD (Doctor of alternative medicine). But there will be some wrong if we see him as a common man. We, a few persons, know that he has extra ordinary supernatural good power, which he wants to hide always .He is god to us. You may get his compassion in many ways without his visible presence. By practicing Soham’s ‘Bikasyoga’ (‘the art of better living’ and ‘pure meditation’ included in soham’s self development program). You will get more beautiful and happy life. To enjoy the life more nicely, for self realization and self development, to get a healthy and prosperous life, you will have to practice regularly. By putting his picture (painted or copy of painting ) at home or office, in open place, decorated with garland of flowers, increases peace, happiness and prosperity. Putting in cense and lamp in front of his picture and by praying regularly twice a day, will be fulfilment your heart’s desire. You may make your life more bright and delightful, being a member of ‘Bikaspath’ and being a follower of Soham. You may get his compassion and good luck by such advertisement in any media, what I am doing .You may host a web-site on this program. Any time, in any situation by remembering him and silently muttering his name ‘soham’ repeatedly, you may get his compassion. ‘Om Soham’ Introduced by –– Sumaru A devoted disciple member of 'Bikashpath'

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