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Enemy Territory: Quake Wars E3 update

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At the E3 this year, Activision (Publisher), id Software and SplashDamage (Developer) totally blew everyone of his seat by organising a 24 player lan for the yet unreleased game "Enemy Territory: Quake Wars". Many people expect ET:QW to be the multiplayer shooter of the year, with combined elements from games like Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (The prevorious game the Developer created), Quake (ET:QW takes place before the happenings of Quake II, in the same universe / setting), Battlefield (Vehicles etcetera!).


ET:QW is a solely online game (No single player), which puts two assymetrical teams (the alien strogg vs the marine GDF) against each other in one of the best graphical experiences using new tricks like the MegaTexturing engine to render till the horizon in the Doom 3 engine. If you want to know more about the gameplay itself, watch the trailer, or better, the footage made during the ET:QW lan at the E3 (Which can be downloaded from http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ )


Also launched at the same time of the E3, the new Enemy Territory Quake Wars website! visit http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/. Also, they released a pretty amazing trailer for the game which can be watched on that website as well! :)


Keep your eyes open for this new title coming out later this year, because it's going to rock the world of online gaming! :)

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