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Pretty much most of the forums will give you credits for posting. The main forums that won't are Guest Forum, Entertainment, Creativity Forum and some of the sub forums in the GFX Forum. Any forum that won't earn you credits will have "(no post count)" in it's title.And yes, you did get it right... "free php - no-ads web hosting". The only catch is you must maintain your credits by posting here and abide by the terms of service. You won't find a better deal anywhere. <_<

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Of course it's more than just PHP, it's no ads, too! :lol:<_< But, seriously, it is more than just that.


Look at it all (!),

1. Sub-Domain or Domain Hosting

2. Cpanel (latest release updated automatically)

3. Fantastico 2

4. 50 - 250 mb space [ 50 mb provided initially ]

5. 500 - 20,000 mb Bandwidth

6. Ip Address [ Shared ]

7. Unlimited Sub-Domains

8. Unlimited Parked-Domains

9. Unlimited Addon-Domains

10. Unlimited MySQL Databases

11. Unlimited Email Accounts

12. Unlimited Email Forwarders

13. Unlimited Mailing Lists

14. Unlimited Email filters

15. Unlimited Ftp Accounts

16. PERL version 5.8.X

17. TCL


19. JSP

20. PHP version 4.3.X [ Safe Mode OFF with FULL GD Support ]

21. MySQL version 4.0.18-standard

22. File Manager

23. FTP Manager

24. All this absolutely FREE and much much MORE!!


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10 credits and 30 credits do not differ in service, except when it comes to webspace and bandwidth. You will get more webspace and bandwidth, if you apply with 30 credits.

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it's a good deal. you lose about 2 credits a day and as long as you make at least one decent post a day you should never have your account turned off.its actuall not as much work as you'd think.

Notice from jlhaslip:
Actually, you lose one (1) credit per day only if you are Hosted status. Regular un-hosted members do not lose any credits on a daily basis until they become Hosted. This 1 credit per day rule applies to either package.
Edited by jlhaslip (see edit history)

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wow sounds like a really good deal... finally found somewhere that does a good hosting package without having to pay anything. I like the idea of having to work for the webhosting....thanx for all the info about it also :)

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